The Secret To Achieving Impossible Goals

achieving impossible goals

Fellow 10X’er…

Recently I worked with a group of entrepreneurs at a luncheon. I was asked to come in and do a Q&A with entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

We did about an hour and a half where they just asked me all of these great questions. 

There was one question that really stuck with me. And I thought today I’d share it with you.

There was a very successful CEO at the luncheon. She asked me, “Grant, it seems like everything that you do somehow works. I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff that goes on that we don’t see that doesn’t work for you. But it appears that when you put your mind to something, you somehow make it work and you achieve your target. How do you do this?” 

I thought it was a great question. Probably one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked. And it made me really think about what it is that we do.

I own multiple businesses. They all have different problems and different people running it. 

Obviously, we don’t achieve every one of our targets. But we do achieve a very large percentage of them.

So what’s our secret?

The thing that we do that is very unusual is we are completely unreasonable.

Let me explain.

Yes, I’m logical and a sane person. So everyone that works for any of my businesses. 

But when it comes to achieving a target, we abandon reason and logic. 

You’ll never hear us say things like “no, we can’t” or “we couldn’t because of” or even “it didn’t happen because of”…

Any time you’re trying to make sense of why something didn’t work, you’re making excuses for why you didn’t succeed.

The great things that have happened on this planet and continue to happen…

They happen because people are unreasonable. They literally abandoned reason and logic in order to achieve what once seemed impossible.

The idea of humans flying defied logic and reason… until the first airplane was invented.

Putting a man on the moon defied logic and reason… until it was actually done.

Fastening two things together without a screw, nail, or thread defied logic and reason… until Velcro was invented.

I don’t need to be reasonable because there’s enough examples of super successful people doing things that are amazing.

It could be things like manufacturing a new product or creating a new service…

Or things like the late Steve Jobs coming back to Apple and turning that company around.

Look, this is what I want you to try. It’s not going to be easy. It’s gonna be one of the most difficult things you can do. 

But the payoff is going to make it worth it.

Quit trying to make sense or make excuses on why you can’t do something. 

Become unreasonable until you find a way to make it happen. And then go make it happen.

You don’t have the budget to buy something your business needs?


Go find the money.

You don’t know how to do something that will help you get further in your career?


Go learn how to do it.

I once bought a trophy property. It was an eighty-million dollar deal in one

of the major cities in the United States. 

I was told it was off-market… not for sale… that the owner wasn’t interested in selling.

And guess what?

I wound up buying it. Because I was completely unreasonable until we got the deal done.

Society keeps telling you to be reasonable. Society is wrong.

Be unreasonable until you’ve accomplished your goals.

10X, every day.


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