Francois Hugo was born with the odds stacked heavily against him. Nonetheless, with his determination, hard work, and a little help from the 10X Hub, his company is set up for success… 

A Parow, South Africa native, Francois “Franna” Hugo was dealt a tough hand. Due to Franna’s premature birth, doctors told his parents he would be blind, confined to a wheelchair, and infertile…

Fast forward to now, and the 31-year-old is happily married with two children

Despite overcoming these challenges, Hugo still struggled when venturing out to establish his business, Unboxed Foods. 

This is what Francois did to accomplish his goal of launching his healthy meal prep business…

Francois Hugo Stayed True to Himself 

For years, Franna worked in a corporate cooking environment. As such, he constantly was deferring to the way the “Head Chef” did things…. 

One day, Hugo had finally had enough and left to cook on his own terms

However, he had little to no financial resources to get started. 

And he wrestled with the confidence to run his own business…

Thankfully, he was able to connect with the 10X Hub to access the tools for solving both dilemmas. 

The Impact of an Empowering Environment

When the Grant Cardone Foundation asked Francois Hugo what his favorite thing about the program was, he quoted freedom of speech.

“This is a safe environment to voice opinions and discuss matters,” Franna explains. “[The 10X Hub is an] unbelievable platform to just be who you are. It’s also inspiring to note that entrepreneurs share the same challenges and that we can assist each other.”

Empowered by support and strategies, Francois is helping his community achieve their health goals easier with Unboxed Foods. 

On top of that, one of Hugo’s favorite musicians has become one of his best clients! 

At the end of the day, Francois Hugo’s willingness to take a risk and brazenly challenge the status quo paid off. 

To wrap up with a fun fact, Franna’s interview included that he “always wears socks to sleep.” Whether that is his extra good luck charm or just another example of him being himself, it’s part of his winning formula — and we’re here for it. 

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