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Most side hustles are a trap.  

I recently read that the average “side-hustler” grinds for 13 hours per week  — on top of their day job.

I also read that 93% of working Americans hold down at least one side hustle. 

It means almost every man and woman in America works their 9-5…

And then clocks in for another 2-3 hours per day — at side gigs like:

Driving an Uber… 

Dropshipping on Amazon…

Or “influencing” on YouTube. 

I always say success requires hard work, dedication, and commitment. 

But there has to be a payoff. 

And the trouble with most side hustles is…

They require massive amounts of hard work, dedication, and commitment.

With almost no payoff.  Here’s what I mean: 

The average side-hustler earns $244 per week on top of their regular income. 

You might think an extra $244 per week will improve your circumstances. 

But $244 per week is not a lot of money. 

$244 per week will not make you rich.

$244 per week will not give you financial freedom. 

Think about it…

If the average side-hustler saved 100% of their second income — they would hustle for 78 years before making $1,000,000.

That’s a lot of years!

(And $1,000,000 is not rich, by the way).

Which is why most side hustles are a trap.

Except for one side hustle, which is the only side hustle I invest in.

It’s also the only side hustle I teach my students to invest in.  

What’s great about this side hustle is that it requires barely any ongoing effort to make it work. 

If you’re low on cash, you could make this side hustle work with zero capital upfront.  

Plus, this side hustle has the potential to generate MASSIVE amounts of cash flow…

Without working yourself into the ground.

Right now, my side hustle generates millions of dollars per year for me and my family.

It pays for my home, my cars, and my jets.

It pays me during vacations, sick days, and public holidays. 

And it paid me during COVID — when other people’s income streams dried up. 

It pays me regardless of whether the Democrats or the Republicans run America.  

For the last 40+ years, my side hustle has kept cash flowing into my bank account, no matter what!   

And the good news is, everything I just talked about is possible for you…

If you make investing in real estate your new side hustle.

When I started my real estate side hustle, I had no idea what I was doing.

I was working 50+ hours per week — selling cars at a dealership.  

I closed my first deal with just $3,000 to my name (though, like I said earlier, you don’t always need upfront capital to get started).

Nowadays, I own real estate assets worth over $4 billion AUM.

If I was starting from scratch today…

I would not make the same choices I made back in the day. 

I made too many mistakes to get into in this email.  But I will say this:

When YOU invest in real estate, you do not have to make the same mistakes I made. 

Because I can steer you clear of the landmines I hit BEFORE you waste a single minute of your time…

Or a dollar of your money. 

That’s why I’m hosting a free online discussion about how I started in real estate — on November 19th at 12pm EST.

It’s your opportunity to learn about real estate investing from someone who has been where you are…

And who is successfully investing in real estate in 2022. 

Everything I talk about, I practice in my own portfolio.

I learned from my mistakes the hard way, and now you can learn the easy way. 

I’ve saved you a slot at the discussion on November 19th.  Click here to lock in your slot. 

Keeping it real, 


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