Man, Kevin Hart is a beast when it comes to real estate investing. He’s got a solid, foolproof strategy that anyone and everyone should consider if they want to build generational wealth.

When he was my guest at 10X Growth Conference, Kevin Hart proved that he’s far more than just a monster entertainer.

We got into talking about real estate, and he shared his #1 strategy with me.

If you’re not implementing it already, you’re missing out on a game-changer.

“The game of Monopoly is a real game”: Kevin Hart on real estate investing

First of all, Kevin loves real estate as an investment opportunity.

He’s well-aware that there’s always going to be a demand for it. And he’s using that to his advantage.

“regardless of what’s going on in the world, people are always going to need […] places. So, the more that you can achieve […] the ownership of these places, the more you’re always going to have revenue coming back to you.”

— Kevin Hart at 10X Growth Conference

Knowing this, Hart has developed one of the simplest and smartest real estate investing strategies out there.

Quantity, baby.

He explains how the board game Monopoly is as real as it gets. Buy as many properties as possible, then collect rent for them.

To do this, he consistently dedicates funds to real estate investing. Whenever he gets a check from a project, he immediately starts dividing the amount. After setting aside a clear 50% of it for the IRS, he splits the rest in half — a quarter for him, then a quarter for property investment. No exceptions.

Even when he doesn’t know what it is yet, he’ll have the money ready when he finds the deal he wants to buy.

Look, this is how how successful people stay successful. They put their money into cash-flowing assets that will continue to secure their wealth for years and years.

Kevin Hart is just one of the many A-listers who choose to invest the smart way. Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, baseball icon A-Rod, and a bunch of other speakers I’ve had on stage all do the same.

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Be Great,

Grant Cardone

Featured image source: Kevin Hart Official Facebook Page


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