Folks get so caught up in ROI (Return on Investment) that they forget the most important things that will 10X their businesses…


What I am telling you right now breaks all the rules of the old school, so it seems uncomfortable to you.

I understand. I grew up in the school of ROI, too. However, putting attention on how much return you’re getting for marketing your business is the wrong target.

Getting attention on your company, product, and services is the number one thing you need to focus on. 

What is the ROI on Nothing?

First and foremost, the return on investment on not marketing your business is nothing. You can’t make money if no one in the marketplace knows who you are, even with the best product. 

“Best product never wins. Best-known wins.” 

— GC

That is the fact of the matter in the world today.

A thousand things are trying to get your customers’ attention. People are more likely to do business with people they know and trust. That means you have people to know you. 

If you believe you have the best to offer, it is your duty to tell the world.

Omnipresence = real returns

Throughout time, I noticed a direct correlation between the amount of attention I had online and the income of my companies. 

At my Marketing Execution Workshop, my executive team shares massive stats like these:

As a result, social media has been the modern-day Holy Grail of getting attention and business for me.

This digital omnipresence thing takes time, but it has continued to grow my business. It doesn’t cost money. However, you need to commit to it and put the time in to make it work.  

Get on it, and do it a lot. 

In conclusion, you need to forget ROI. The number one focus needs to be getting attention and growing your business.

I have over a dozen businesses. I have never looked at the ROI on any piece of marketing I’ve ever done. Why?

Because even losing money on that ad means some more people saw it and know who I am. 

Be Great,

Grant Cardone



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