Past 10X Growth Con speaker and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has achieved massive success in sports and business. Yet, like other top athletes, his story starts in adversity. Below is the rollercoaster ride Pretty Boy Floyd took to get to the top… 

Floyd Mayweather describes his early years as “living in two worlds.” 

Half of the time, he lived in New Jersey with his mother and five other people in a one-bedroom apartment… 

An apartment you had to unlock with a butter knife and boil the water to have a bath, no less. In this environment, Mayweather also had to deal with his mother’s drug addiction.

However, there were occasions when Floyd lived with his father. 

His life there was not so financially strained, but this was due to his father’s illegal activities. And sadly, Mayweather’s dad would often bring him along on these unsavory “errands”… 

In this context, it would have been easy for the young man to go down a dark road — especially after a traumatic event which occurred right before his eyes. 

Instead, Floyd took it as a lesson… 

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather: “Don’t Work Off Anger” 

The result of his parents’ involvement in drugs — both using and selling — culminated in tragedy.


Not only that… Floyd held his father in arms as he took his last breath.

The future undefeated champ was filled with a myriad of negative emotions. Yet he came to the realization that acting out of anger would not help him accomplish his larger than life aspirations

With this in mind, he trained hard and never lowered his target to be the very best. He became one of the highest-paid athletes of all time and also has an impressive real estate portfolio. 

For all intents and purposes, Floyd Mayweather has done it

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In the meantime, keep hustling and never settle for less than your potential.

Featured image source: Floyd Mayweather / Facebook

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