I interviewed LinkedIn powerhouse Shay Rowbottom on branding strategy hacks for this platform. I couldn’t wait to share the tips with you to build a successful brand for yourself.

Shay started her media company that went from eight employees to over 42. She has worked with brands like Petco, Yahoo!, and BuzzFeed, and now she’s killing it in the LinkedIn game.

To understand how powerful LinkedIn is right now, take a look at the latest statistics on Passport Photo Online:

  • Every month, more than one billion interactions take place on LinkedIn pages
  • LinkedIn has more than 810 million members, making it the biggest professional network in the world
  • 50% of internet users with higher education use LinkedIn as a social media platform

Now, here are Shay’s best LinkedIn branding strategy hacks to make the most of the platform, generate countless leads, and transform your business.

Video content LinkedIn branding strategy hacks

If you want to attract your target market on LinkedIn, you now need a solid video content strategy behind you. Why?

You want to be seen as the expert, thought leader, and authority with credibility.

The best way to start now and get yourself established on LinkedIn is to stay on a consistent video posting schedule. The trick is to keep video content short and to the point.

When strangers see a one-minute video in their feed, they’re more likely to invest time with it.

Create original content on your phone

So many people don’t start producing video content on LinkedIn because they think they need some fancy production and lights to make it happen.

Shay tells us that she used her phone to record herself for the first eight months of producing video content on her LinkedIn. No cinematic stuff, no expensive camera gear, just a girl and her phone!

People love to see authentic content. So, don’t worry too much about the video itself but rather on what message you want to get across.

How to make content worth the watch

Figure out who your target market is, what would be valuable for them outside of just buying your services, what they are interested in, and what tangible tips they could take away from your video.

The trick is that you want to be memorable. And once your videos start gaining momentum, you’ll notice how much more engagement they receive.

So, don’t forget to respond to every comment.

Shay says that when it comes to social media and getting the best return on investment, the most growth and impact, LinkedIn is where you need to be.

If you want to learn more about how to build a memorable brand, I invite you to register for my BAE Design Your Life Mastermind. In addition to branding essentials, we’ll talk about how to improve your health for boosted energy, balance your career, love and family life, and build a flourishing empire.

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