In the the dilemma between competition vs. collaboration, which is the most effective for your business strategy? 

It makes sense for your business that you would pay attention to what other people in your space are doing. You want to keep up with the times. However, staying current is different than being at odds with your peers. 

As Grant says, competition is for those who cannot push themselves. I do agree with that statement. Still, that isn’t the only reason to choose collaboration over competition as a business strategy. 

After you read this, you’ll see why working together is a superior tactic to rivalry. 

How competition fails you 

To begin with, I am going to explain why going back and forth with your competitors will always fail you. 

First of all, this business strategy is very limiting. Obsession with what others are doing keeps your mindset small. You are trying to simply one-up what they are doing as opposed to innovating and leading in your space. 

Don’t be just one step ahead of the competition. Be a leader in your industry. 

We can be infinitely better together

Next, let’s discuss collaboration. This is the business strategy where we all can win. 

There is enough money and success in the world that every person can be a billionaire. It is in no shortage. Therefore, there is no excuse to compete instead of collaborate. 

One of the most interesting things I learned is about Clydesdale horses. Just one horse can pull 8,000 pounds by itself. Two can pull 24,000 pounds together. But guess how much those same two horses can pull if they are trained to work together? 

32,000 pounds! 

That is the power of collaboration. However, you and other people in your space are not horses. Through intellect and working together, we could accomplish infinitely more than two trained animals. 

They know people and tools you don’t and have different strengths and weaknesses. That is why in competition vs. collaboration, the latter is what is going to get your business strategy further. 

In conclusion, creating a business and wealth on your own is an impossible undertaking. No empire in the history of time has been built alone. To get my support while you build yours, join my BAE Mastermind — Design Your Life today.

Here’s to collaboration over all,

Elena Cardone

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