Brink of Bankruptcy Illustration

Right now, Grant and I are preparing for an economic slaughter.  


Well, for one thing…

We’re avoiding the negative news cycle.

Plus, we’re making calculated moves… so we’re ready to change course if the economy launches a grenade at our empire. 

This doesn’t mean we will contract like most people.  In fact, we’re doing the opposite. 

You see, experts are predicting a millionaire explosion between now and 2026.  But just like in every downturn… 

Some will get stomped on.

And some will come out stronger. 

The secret for those who make it… is expanding while everyone else withdraws.  

Grant and I learned the hard way how to flip downturns to our advantage.  

But we don’t want YOU to learn those lessons by coming back from the brink of bankruptcy like we did.  

Which is why I recorded this short video for you. 

It’s just a few minutes long.  

And in this video I’ll walk you through how Grant and I went from almost broke… to wealthier than ever – thanks to the 2008 recession.

You can put this lesson to work in any economic climate.

It’s simple but super powerful. 

Click to watch the video now.

Build an empire,

Elena Cardone

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