Could you sell 50 pounds of crawfish if your life depended on it? If you don’t know what crawfish are, they look like small lobsters and they thrive in my home state of Louisiana. They might not look delicious, but they are. Whether you have to sell crawfish, clothing, or cars, the requirements are the same. All selling has a similar requirement to public speaking. If you don’t know what to say, it won’t go well. Communication is your number one weapon in sales. You can’t help anyone if you can’t communicate effectively with them. Here are 2 ways to communicate and sell anything, even crawfish: 1)Always Have a Response: I’ll never forget a kid who once came door-to-door in my neighborhood to sell some kind of supposed amazing organic cleaner. I was busy with calls and projects at my home office one morning, and the front buzzer started ringing. Frustrated, I stopped what I was doing and answered the door. This kid is cold-calling the neighborhood, pitching household cleaners—tough gig! I have a special admiration for anyone who sells door-to-door and especially the young kids, but I was busy and didn’t have any interest. I told the kid I had no interest. As I shut the door on him he looked at me, smiled, and said, “I understand, Boss. Just give me sixty seconds to show you what it can do.” As he’s telling me this he drops to his knees and starts to apply the cleaner to a stain on the stone at the door. He looks at me and says, “I’m out here getting doors slammed in my face just hoping that if I work hard enough I can live like you one day!” I was soon paying him $200 for a product I had no interest in five minutes earlier. He had me at “Boss” and a smile when I tried to shut the door in his face, but he closed me because he was prepared, which allowed him to move into his presentation, demonstrate his product, and then close. Be prepared so that you always have a response. 2)Determine Wants and Needs and Why: You can either do this by moving into fact finding or into a consultation stage. The fastest way to do this is to fact find on previous like purchases. The purpose of this step is twofold: (1) to know what product to show your client and (2) to know how to present the product in a manner that will build value in that presentation and cause them to want to act. Even things of equal value are not identical when the motivation for that thing changes. A glass of water is a glass of water and on the surface would appear to be the same until you discover reason or motivation someone might want for the glass of water. Different reasons promote different values and urgencies and those must be determined in step 2. A glass of water just to finish the dinner table out has a different connotation than a glass of water that would be used to wash poison out of someone’s eye or one to be used to satisfy the thirst of someone who is dehydrated. Why do you want this? Why do you have interest now? What is your current situation? What problem are you trying to solve? What is important to you for your next purchase? How would you rate your current service on a scale from 1–10? What would make it a 10? Remember all purchases or investments are trying to solve a problem of some sort. All of them. You don’t buy a drill because you want a drill. You buy a drill because you want a hole. I know that nobody buys Cardone University because they want to do sales training, but because people want to make more money. I help businesses and individuals increase revenue. It’s a tool to get you the result you want. Cardone University can teach anybody to sell anything—even crawfish. For those of you already on Cardone U, congrats—and I know many of you also just got back from 10X GrowthCon 2017. If you missed this epic event, here is the type of feedback we’ve received…   Tickets are already selling for GrowthCon 2018. Be great, GC
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