How to become debt free – Sneak Preview

Joey, makes his 3rd appearance on the Financial G-Spot with news that he is DEBT FREE & has TRANSFORMED his life! Here’s the recap: Joey had borrowed $3800 from his friend, Frank and it was ruining their relationship. Joey wasn’t making enough to pay the bills, nor pay back Frank— but he continued to drop hundreds of dollars each weekend at bars and on gambling. But now, Joey is a changed man. Watch the episode to see his TOTAL TRANSFORMATION! This man demonstrates the true meaning of doing WHATEVER IT TAKES! See the transformation for yourself as Joey celebrates how he was able to make more money, pay off his debt in full, save money, and even improve his relationship with his wife. And his friend, Frank is overjoyed to get his money back so fast, and maintain his strong friendship with Joey. This is a MUST SEE! (If you haven’t seen the previous episodes, watch “Stop Blaming & Take Responsibility” and “Paying Back Debt to a Friend” NOW!


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