Advice for Startups – CardoneZone Sneak Preview

[Originally aired: February 18, 2014] In business and in life fear is inevitable. In this week’s Cardone Zone host, New York Times best selling author and self made entrepreneur Grant Cardone, discusses how fear prevents people from starting businesses on their own and how to progress and achieve success in the workplace. Watch more episodes at: People are afraid and are being encouraged to live in fear. “Play it safe.” “Don’t talk to strangers.” The truth is until people handle their fear and move forward and leap despite the fear, they will remain stuck. When I was 29 I was scared. I had a product and a business and had to knock on doors, make the calls and was too afraid to move forward. No money, no connections, no business plan, kids, married, obligations, can’t move, these are all excuses! Thinking of starting your own business? Grant offers the steps necessary to get started. Success is your duty, responsibility and obligation. Network With Us: • Subscribe to Whatever It Takes NetworkFacebook – Grant CardoneTwitter – @grantcardoneInstagram – @grantcardone Listen To Us On Podcast: • iTunes PodcastStitcher


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