Pillars Empire

10X Ladies is a movement, and you’re a part of it. So I want to explain the 4 pillars to build your empire

Women are unappreciated and devalued in society today. No one is telling us how to truly embrace the power that lies within us. They feed us horrible lies that ruin us, weaken our men, and destroy our families. 

My goal is to help you and 8 billion other people on the planet reject the “big shots” giving us bad information that keeps us small, powerless, and unhappy.

How can we fight back?

By committing, right now, to building your empire. That’s right, you and me. 

And listen, you don’t have to be rich, famous, or massively successful to get started. You don’t need a massive following or billions of dollars in real estate… all of that will come in time. 

You could be starting from zero… and what I’m about to tell you wouldn’t change.

All you need to start creating the future you dream of is something I call: 

The 4 Pillars to Build Your Empire. 

They’re all things you can do today. Right now. These four pillars are where every empire begins. It’s how Grant and I got started. Before we figured this out, neither of us was truly happy and we didn’t have an empire. 

Even after we were married, we weren’t aligned on common goals. I was still trying to do my “strong and independent” thing even though I had the perfect partner to help me reach my fullest potential. But once we got aligned on these 4 Pillars, there was nothing strong enough to stand in our way. 

I’m telling you… if you want the kind of freedom, wealth, and success you deserve, you need to sit down with your partner and get these 4 Pillars in order. Because if even one of these pillars collapses, the whole empire will fall.

Empire Pillar 1 — “The Empire Mindset”

Knowledge is power.

What you think determines what you do. So nothing is more fundamental to your empire-building than getting yourself in the right frame of mind. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done, because we live in an age of mass misinformation. 

And what does the wrong information do? It destroys. It leads you down the wrong path, limits you, and stunts your potential. 

Building your empire begins with clearing your mind of all the false information that’s sabotaging your mindset and taking back control of your life.

These could be false beliefs as I had for most of my life:

“All men are pigs.”

“I’m strong and independent, I don’t need no man.”

“Hot rods and fancy homes are all I need to be happy.”

Or they could be limiting beliefs that society, social media, and “big dogs at the top” tell us:

“I’ll never find the right partner.”

“I’m not good enough to build an empire.”

“I don’t have time or money to get the success I want.”

This is all false information that tears you down and prevents you from building an empire. And let me be very clear… you CAN dream as big as you want and you CAN have it.  Your future empire lies within you. The key to unlocking it is adopting an empire-building mindset…

…and if I were to express that mindset in one word it would be self-determination. 

What do I mean by that? 

It means taking complete responsibility and control of every aspect of your life. No more going through life as the victim of circumstances. Take control of your time, your money, your effort. Become the creator and “god” of your little world (no disrespect).

All of us have limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep us from reaching our full potential. Today, I want you to decide to free yourself so you can adopt a self-determination mindset and devote all your energy to building your empire. At the end of this letter, I’ll show you how. 

Empire Pillar 2 — Relationships

There has never been an empire of one in human history. It requires at least a king and a queen. And while it’s true that Empire-building relationships start in the bedroom, they don’t end there. Because the king and the queen need others to spread their power and influence: a royal court… bannermen… the cooperation of a whole kingdom…

All of it is what turns a kingdom into an empire. 

You need to surround yourself with people obsessed with purpose, goals, integrity, courage, and abundance. People who are committed to their success and yours.

If you try to build an empire alone you might make some progress. It may be fun and exciting for a bit. But ultimately you’ll feel like you’re drowning. Like you’re fighting tooth and nail every day just to keep going. Life is a constant struggle for survival. 

That’s how I felt about my life until Grant and I got on the same page about our dreams and vision for the future. Our dreams, not mine

I’ve heard from countless, powerful women out there that they feel constantly exhausted, depressed, and burned out.

It’s because they’re trying to do everything all on their own. 

The fact is, I’m not good at everything. I can’t supply everything I need to reach my full potential. I need a teammate to cover my blind spots and make up for what I’m lacking. So that TOGETHER we can build something bigger and stronger than we ever dreamed of. Dare I say it, I need to depend on someone to help me be the greatest I can be. 

It may be scary at first. But let me tell you, once you decide to cooperate and collaborate to achieve a common dream, your success goes stratospheric. Because if you’re putting in 100% and your partner is putting in 100% you don’t just get 200%, it’s so much more than that…

Let me give you one of my favorite examples. Do you know the famous Clydesdales? They’re some of the strongest workhorses on the planet. One of them alone can pull 8,000 pounds. But you know what happens when you put two of them together? 

Their power doesn’t just double. If you train the Clydesdales to work together, they can haul up to 32,000 pounds. Quadruple what each one is capable of alone…

Note though that I said “trained to work together.”

That is critically important. Grant and I only figured that out after struggling through marriage for 4 years. You need to get your spouse or partner on the same page. Align your dreams and goals. Assess your strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as a unit. And based on those strengths and weaknesses, delegate responsibilities accordingly. Because if your empire is divided at home, you don’t even need enemies. It will fall apart all on its own.

So how do you get aligned?

Start with your goal and purpose, and not as individuals. I’m talking about your goals as a couple. For Grant and I, it’s to help 8 billion people experience greater happiness and success in their personal, professional, and financial lives. 

Whatever you and your partner decide, get clear on what that looks like and why you want it. Your goals have to be big enough and desirable enough to motivate you to do whatever it takes to reach them.

Once you’ve decided on a common goal, now you work together to reverse engineer a path to that goal. And the responsibilities of that journey need to be delegated based on your and your partner’s strengths and weaknesses. Spouses may be equal in marriage, but we all know that we’re not equal in all things. Grant and I got clear that he has “his stuff” to manage for the mission and I have “my stuff.” 

And while we respect each other’s opinions, if he wants to tell me how to do “my stuff” I’ll give him a big smile and remind him that he chose to trust me so I’ll make the decision. And he knows that I won’t let him down because I want to win just as much as he does. This mutual trust is crucial. The relationship with your partner is the foundation of your empire. You both need to come at it from the angle of giving your best self, being humble, and offering mutual support.

But all this doesn’t just extend to the ONE you choose to help you build your empire.

It applies to everyone you spend time with. Who do you let into your life? Who gets to be your friend? Are you pretty selective or does your friendship accept an Entitlement Program?

You have the right to be extremely picky about who you surround yourself with. Because the people around you will either lift you or tear you down. Help you build your empire or destroy it. True friendship is about helping one another to reach higher levels of success in every area of life. Does your family do that for you? Do your friends do that for you? Your co-workers? 

Building an empire is NOT easy. You’ll have internal struggles, you’ll have failures, you’ll have enemies that try to destroy you. 

A whole lot is working against ladies like us. So we have to do everything possible to take control of the world around us and create an environment we can thrive in. That means you have to be willing to do whatever it takes and give up things that lead you away from your goals.

Would you like to make living your best life easy for once?

You can get started today. You truly can have the relationship and future you deserve. The power is in you, just waiting to be unleashed on the world. 

I’ve already given you the first two steps in this issue. Next week I’ll give you the last two.

Because I don’t want you to just read this. I want you to change your life.

So I want you to take action on building or reinforcing these two Pillars:

  1. Mindset
  2. Relationships

Action item #1: Mindset —

Make a list of the top 3 problems you feel are preventing you from building your empire. These could be personal, professional, or financial. Write them down and go through the Empire Mindset Examination:

What do I have control of in this problem?

Am I doing everything I can to turn it to my advantage? Or am I playing the victim?

What am I willing to believe that would help me solve that problem?

What am I willing to give up to solve that problem and live the life of my dreams?

And, what have I done to get into the situation I’m in?

How can this problem help me become better?

Action item #2: Relationships —

Sit down with your spouse or partner and write up your Empire Building Blueprint. Decide and commit to common goals. Assess strengths and weaknesses. Delegate responsibilities accordingly. Commit and overcommit to each other and the goals. Write down those goals and revisit them daily. 

The same applies to your family, friends, and co-workers as well, though not to the same degree. Make a list of the people who influence your life and rate them on a scale from 1 to 10 in how they improve your life whether personally, professionally, or financially.

If they score a 5 or below in any of those categories, it may be time to start spending less time with those people. And certainly don’t take their advice in low-scoring areas. As Grant says, “Mediocrity and ‘average’ is a contagious disease.”

The people you spend time with will influence what you do and who you become. 

At every moment, whether you like it or not, you’re either building or destroying your empire. Use these first two Pillars to get started on the right path.

I’ll give you the other two next week. And I’ll even give you a little hint:  it’s all about money and staying young and attractive… so you won’t want to miss it.

Until then, please tell me how you do with the action items. And if you have any questions about them or building your empire, don’t hesitate to hit “reply” and let me know. I’m here to help you, and I’d love to help you win.

This is also why I want to invite you to join me and other leading ladies at 10X Ladies.

There’s never been a better time to surround yourself with powerful women already living the life you’re dreaming of.  And who knows the right answers to your most burning questions? 

Don’t you think it could help you take your life and business to the next level? 

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Build an empire,

Elena Cardone

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