Every one of our journeys comes with unique obstacles. Sometimes those setbacks come in the form of people — specifically our enemies. 

Our foes seem to be everywhere at times…

 From Instagram comments and or hiding in the people we think we’re closest to

Knowing how to identify the people working against you is an essential part of building an empire. 

Not just for yourself, but the people you care for most. 

Why Do We Have Enemies? 

Enemies are the people who, in one way or another, don’t want you to succeed. They want to see everything that you stand for and all that you’ve built fail. 

For whatever reason, there will be people who directly oppose you and your cause. Your adversaries will always find an issue with some major aspect of yours. 

It could be…

Your financial status…

Your sex or sexual orientation…

Or, your religion

Or just as easily, they might be intimidated by your ambition and willingness to create your legacy.

I found that anybody who wants to cut you down usually falls into one of three categories:

  • The ones open and loud about their hatred for you
  • The ones who pretend to be friends but are trying to backstab you 
  • And most dangerously, the ones who aren’t even aware that they’re working against you

Whoever these people and their motives are…

If you don’t identify them as enemies of the empire, they WILL cause damage to your empire. 

The Openly Hostile Enemies 

This type of enemy is relatively easy to identify. They are loud about their hatred for your cause.

These enemies openly tear you down just because they use that power to build themselves up. 


These individuals are threatened by you and your success. So, they feel the need to call attention away from you — in any way they can. 

The hardest thing about dealing with your louder opponents is that sometimes their words can get to you. 

When this happens, you have to compose yourself and remember that they are not the ones working day and night to secure your legacy – you are. 

If creating the life you want puts a target on your back…

So be it. 

The “Frienemies”

The friendly enemies can look just like that…

A friend.

They disguise their harmful actions by being concerned for you or “just trying to help.” 

They act like the nicest people in the world all while secretly dreaming for your failures. 

These individuals will jump at the chance to stab you in the back, but one tip to remember is…


Whenever they go out of their way to harm you, you have to keep their actions and behaviors in mind. 

The more excuses you make for them and the more “second chances” they get away with…

The more damage they can do to you and all you’ve created. 

The Ones That Aren’t Even Aware

This is the most dangerous type of enemy…

These are people who, like the friendly enemy, say that they want what’s best for you, but something is stopping them from fully being your supporter. 

Fundamentally, these individuals have something against you that stops them from being an asset. The worst part…

They have no clue that what they’re doing is harming instead of helping you. 


To get rid of your enemies…

You have to learn when and how to fight for yourself and what you’re working towards.

Fighting For Your Empire

It’s not easy to admit but Grant and I have been knocked down more times than I can count…

But we always get back up and continue to fight for what’s ours.

I promised to always fight for the things I know I deserve, so I am willing to take a hit and declare war

When you’re ready to eliminate your enemies, you have to first make sure that you have the energy and stamina to fight. 

If someone directly threatens my empire and the people within it…


Ultimately, you have to decide what is best for your empire

Whether you want to deal with your enemies silently and in peace, or if you’d rather make an example of them…

However, if you don’t know your enemies, you will always be at risk

Stand up for your empire and dominate your enemies,

— Elena Cardone

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