Tim Grover

Tim Grover has coached some of the most renowned athletes of all time —  like Michael Jordan and Kobe Byrant. And during his keynote at the 2024 10X Growth Conference, he shared that we all have that potential for greatness. After, the coach revealed how to do it as well… 

Tim Grover Explains What’s Keeping You “In a Box”

On Day Three of the 10X Growth Conference, the audience got a treat. An onstage session with legendary coach, Tim Grover. 

However, Grover did not spend much time going over his star-studded resume. Instead, he offered this to the attendees…


The first step he offered toward this end was to dispose of what was keeping you trapped in a box. 

Next, he listed them: 

  • Guilt
  • Shame 
  • And, fear

Further, you have to approach greatness as more than “an interest.” Then, Tim Grover said you must be obsessed with your pursuits.

You must be so to the point where you pursue them when the going gets tough. 

Although he is a coach, he doesn’t want you to look for motivation and validation along the way…  

Here are the reasons why… 

Going All-In on Yourself

Tim Grover is not a proponent of the idea that outside influence creates long-term fulfillment or achievement. 

Subsequently, consider this nugget of wisdom Grover offered to the 10X Growth Conference crowd: 

“Motivation doesn’t work. Motivation is what you require from somebody else. Huge difference between motivation and elevation. Elevation is when you have control over that internal fire. Elevation is something that you get from yourself. Elevation is a state of mind. It’s when you create your own energy. It’s when you are obsessed.” 

Self-reliance and obsession? Sounds 10X to us. 

Elevate yourself and be great. 

— GCTV Staff

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