If you look through history books, empires are never destroyed by overt adversaries but by enemies that hide within. This is how I weed out snakes and backstabbers that threaten everything I’ve built.

Spotting a blatant enemy is easy for anyone to do… 

Enemies openly attack you and your loved ones. They go after your business. And they try to damage your reputation.  

As awful as all of that is, the threats are visible. Therefore, these enemies’ bark is worse than their bite. 

It’s the foes that lie in the shadows that are the problem. Worse yet, you are often the one who lets them in the front door thinking they were your friends

I’ve made this mistake and it cost me dearly. These types of individuals are sneaky. That’s how they got into your good graces. 

Nonetheless, look for these signs to protect your inner circle

Signs They Are NOT Your “Friends”

Before I go into the red flags you need to keep an eye out for, I want to make one note. 


Situations like that don’t “just happen.” There is ALWAYS someone stirring the pot

You’ll notice that the one with the proverbial spoon will be doing two things:

  1. Always speaking poorly about others. They will never say things to the other person’s face. 
  2. Letting you know these shortcomings of others to “give you a heads up” or to “try to help.” 

So once you’ve identified these behaviors in someone, what should you do?

How to Eliminate Enemies of the Empire

To start, I make it a point to shut down any gossip or negative talk immediately. Conversations like that are a distraction from my duties of accomplishing my mission. 

However, there are times I do need issues brought to my attention. So the policy for that is…

If the person was truly looking out for you, they would bring up these issues and have no problem discussing them with the third party present. 

Unfortunately, people acting this way need to be corrected and changed. Otherwise, you have to escort them from your kingdom

At the end of the day, even the strongest empire can crumble if there are traitors inside its walls. This is how you get rid of them once they are there. 

In my book “Build an Empire: How to Have it All,” I talk more about not letting them get inside in the first place. 

You’ve worked so hard to build this… 

Protect your empire,

Elena Cardone  

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