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Most people think 10Xis all about money. They’re dead wrong. It’s about everything from your goals to your love life!

10X is about so much more than maximizing your business and revenue.

It has the power to change your whole life if you’re brave enough.

It’ll change your career.

Your sense of self-worth.

Your dreams for the future.

It will even determine your most meaningful relationships.

Which is absolutely vital…

Because the people closest to you are almost as important to your success as you are.

They’re the ones who motivate you…

They remind you of your goals and targets…

And push you to do whatever it takes to succeed…

Take my wife Elena.

If it weren’t for the 10X Rule, she would not be my wife today…

When we first met, she wanted nothing to do with me.

But not me.

From the moment I saw her I knew that she would be the one to help me build an empire that will last for generations.

But from her perspective… there wasn’t a chance in the world. She was thinking of her love life in the short term…

I was too short…

I was too full of myself…

And, I was too conservative…

We look back and laugh at how stupid that was…

Even back then I knew those weren’t real reasons to say “no”…they were just complaints.

“You’re too short.” 

“So what?”

“You’re not in the movie business.”

“Damn right, I’m not. It’s a sh*thole. Let’s go to dinner.”

I called Elena twice a month for 13 months.

I called her 26 times and 25 of those calls went unanswered. (If she had at any time told me to stop calling, then I would have respected her wishes and done exactly that.)

But the last time I called? She finally said “Yes.”

We went to a shooting range and then to dinner…

…that’s when she finally realized….

“You’re going to make me fall in love with you aren’t you?”

It was 13 months coming…

And now we’re married with 2 beautiful daughters, building the life of our dreams together.

That’s the 10X rule at work.

Massive goals followed by massive actions equals massive success in every area of life — including your love life

Imagine where I’d be if I’d decided to lower my target after the first couple of unanswered calls…

…if I decided to “give up” and move on to another girl that wasn’t “out of my league.”

If I’d done that, Elena wouldn’t be my wife today.

Elena chose me because I refused to lower my target.

I refused to give up because I knew what I needed.

Living the rest of my life with Elena was my target, so I did whatever it took to hit it… (so to speak.)

And I love her more today than the day I met her.

That’s the power of 10X.

And you can use it to increase your money, your quality of life, your relationships…


As long as you commit to setting massive targets and doing whatever it takes.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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