10 Rules To Get Your Money Right


“A penny saved is a penny…”

“Save money for a rainy…”

Sound familiar? That’s because we’ve all been taught the same BS when it comes to getting your money right. It’s also the same reason you’ve probably got ice cream that’s expired twice sittin’ in your freezer because you were told to never waste any food. 

See Mommy and Daddy taught us these things because they didn’t know the money game way back when, but here’s the truth… The bank knows the money game and that’s why they put your money to work for them when you put it into savings.  

Look, I’m gonna say it until the day that I die…

Cash Is Trash

You’ve got to put your money to work for you instead of hoarding cash. You need to focus on generating cash flow. 

Making your money work for you. 

But see, this is where people get lost because they don’t know how to pay attention and handle their money. You’ve got to build financial discipline. See, people will get a little money and go out to get the watch and the car instead of getting disciplined with their money and building wealth. 

Sure, they’ll get a little discipline when it comes to paying the IRS every year, but cmon man–Pay yourself first!

These are critical mistakes people make when it comes to taking care of their money that leaves them struggling and living check to check.

Get Your Money Right

If you want to get your money right there are 10 rules I live by. These have allowed me to build more wealth than I ever dreamed was possible when I was starting out from the mud back in Louisiana. If you take them to heart and execute on them they’ll do the same for you. 

Check out the video above to uncover the 10 rules of how to get your money right. 

Be Great,

Grant Cardone



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