Investing is not just for the rich; it’s a powerful tool that anyone can use to build real wealth and achieve financial freedom.

Investing isn’t easy, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Most people make mistakes when they invest because they do it without a plan or guidance from an expert. Today, I will teach you how you can think and act like an investor, so you too can generate indestructible wealth.

1Investors don’t save; they INVEST

You will rarely see a wealthy investor who keeps their coin in the bank. They invest their money into real estate that provides them with real income. People who are deep in debt are most likely to hold on to their savings because they are scared of making risky moves. Savvy investors understand there’s no real benefit in keeping your money in the bank.

2They play to get rich for real… Not to get rich quick.

Gambling, playing the stock market, or investing in cryptocurrency might seem like a great way to “get rich quick,” but those investments are highly volatile. Investors know that to produce money over their lifetime, they must play the long game. Real estate investing can provide real income while building tangible assets.

3Invest in assets that appreciate

The top investors know that investing in real estate is the best way to get rich because you buy tangible assets that appreciate over time. Real estate increases in value and is a highly effective investment vehicle to generate real wealth. Real estate investing pays you actual cash month after month because the rent exceeds all expenses associated with the asset. This monthly income is tax-free, as long as you can prove that you invested.

4Millionaires invest in assets that provide cash flow

Investors tend to not invest in real estate that requires a lot of money and time upfront to maintain their assets. This is important to note when looking at real estate because properties that are newer and in good shape will require less money to upkeep. However, I wouldn’t avoid enhancing your real estate property. People can make their property more valuable and can save money with a landlord or house flipper who does all of their work.

5Look for assets that give massive tax benefits

The best investors are incredibly clever regarding taxes because they know how to reduce their real estate taxes to almost zero. Owning real estate comes with many benefits, but the tax advantages take one of the top spots. These advantages are used to offset income. 

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  1. For someone like me who does not want to deal with the “hassles” of real estate (TTT) and doesn’t have the time, what would you recommend as a way to still be invested in real estate?
    For example, syndicates? Thanks


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