American Financial Literacy

Between inflation and mass layoffs, the U.S. is having money problems. Yet, most citizens don’t fully understand what that means or how it affects them. The result? We are in the middle of a full-blown American financial literacy crisis, and people feel stuck… 

While it will take work, there is a way out of this mess — for everyone. First, we have to examine how we got here to get to the solution… 

Where American Financial Literacy Education Falls Short

If you are still in disbelief that the United States is in trouble financially, here are some shocking stats from Vox: 

  • Americans have $1 TRILLION in credit card debt
  • 28% of U.S. residents have no retirement savings
  • And, 37% say they could not financially handle a $400 emergency 

Of course, it is easy to blame the education system for this American financial literacy crisis. But the truth is that it is not so simple…

See, if we did learn about money in school, it is more than likely it would have been misinformation anyway! 

That’s because all the financial “lessons” we have as a society are: 

  1. Based on outdated information
  2. Never lead to full financial freedom 


Although the American financial literacy crisis is not “your fault,” doesn’t mean you need to be a victim of it. You can do something about it. 

It just requires a little commitment to re-educate yourself. 

How to Empower Yourself and Others 

To be more in control of your financial destiny, you gotta learn some basic things about how money works!

You don’t have to pay anything. Just go online and start researching and defining basic concepts and words until it clicks. 

After that, you can develop some discipline and rules about handling your capital for long-term success. Here are some to get you started… 

From there, you’ll be able to show others how to do the same. And, we can chip away at this American financial literacy crisis one piece at a time. 

I believe handling finances is one of the most important life skills people need. As such, I am asking you to help me make our nation stronger with financial literacy education. 

It will make all the difference for future generations. 

Be Great,

Grant Cardone 

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