Zero Income Tax?

zero income tax

Fellow 10X’er…

I hear a lot of people say things like “it’s my duty to pay income taxes.”

Well, I can tell you I’m as patriotic as they come.  And I don’t want to give the IRS one red cent if I can help it.

Those people who want to pay seem to think that income tax is just something we’ve always had to put up with.

But then I tell them that before 1913, income taxes didn’t exist in this country…

And that it took the 16th amendment to the Constitution to even make it legal.

To which they always say… “how does the government pay for stuff without income taxes?”

And I point out Bermuda, Monaco, and the UAE – among others – seem to survive just fine without income tax.

Because even without income tax, there’s still plenty of revenue from all of the other taxes we pay.

For instance, I pay millions of dollars every year in property taxes alone.  

And you want to squeeze me for income tax on top of that?  Not if I can help it.

What about you?

How can you pay zero income tax – without moving to Bermuda or the UAE?

By investing in cash-flowing real estate and structuring it properly.

I teach you how in this free webinar.

10X, every day.

– Grant


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