The Surprising Richest Town in America

South Lake

Fellow 10X’er…

When I ask you what the richest town in America is, you probably think of L.A. or New York. 

But surprisingly, the richest town in America is actually South Lake, Texas.  South Lake is a small suburb of Dallas with a population of just over 31,000 people.

There are a lot of doctors, lawyers, and business people there.  And the median household income in South Lake is right around $240,000.

Now, let me share a story about a completely different rich town…

I want to take you back to the Great Depression – the 1920s and 30s.

Back then, the richest town in America was actually a tiny town in Florida called Quincy.

The People of Quincy Got Rich in a Strange Way

Who ever heard of people getting rich in a depression?

Well – as I told you yesterday – recessions and depressions can be the best time to get rich.  

They’re times to expand – not contract.  And they’re times to pick up opportunities.

And that’s exactly what the people of Quincy did.

They spotted an undervalued asset.  In this case, it was shares of Coca Cola.

Coke’s shares were trading for less than the value of the cash the company had in the bank.

Which the town banker knew was a steal.

So, he told everyone who’d listen:  Buy Coca Cola stock.

Most did listen.  And here’s what happened…

• 67 people in the tiny town became millionaires.  They’re now known as the “Coca Cola Millionaires.”

• The cash flow from the stock dividends carried them through not only the Depression… but every economic downturn ever since.  Strong cash flow made these people financially bulletproof.

• The people survived on the cash flow alone.  So they never had to kill the golden goose.  And they were able to pass their wealth down through the generations.

Now, listen to me carefully…

I’m NOT telling you to go buy shares of Coca Cola.  It’s not a steal today like it was back then.

And I’m a simple guy who prefers something I can touch and feel – like real estate.

What I’m telling you is this…

1. After building your income to the point where you have more than you need… your #1 goal is to build cash flow.  Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow.

2. Keep your eyes peeled for undervalued cash-flowing assets in the coming months.  Real estate is about to get cheap.

Now’s the time to lean in.

Don’t have any money to invest?

Maybe you and 67 others in your area can pool together and make your town the new richest town in America.

10X, every day.

– Grant

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