Netflix Moves…

netflix moves

Fellow 10X’er…

This is a lesson if you’re looking to grow a business worth billions.

Or even a smaller business – but you want to learn how to think strategically.

Recently my team told me that Netflix was coming out with a cheaper tier.

Which was no surprise as they’re losing a ton of market share.  And I think they’re getting desperate.

The cheaper tier is supported by ads.  

And that had my marketing team fired up.

After all, I have a goal of impacting 8 billion people.  And since Netflix has nearly a quarter of a billion subscribers… it might be a good place for us to run ads and spread the word.

So, the team said “Looks like Netflix will partner with Google to run the ads.”

Which made sense on paper – Google pretty much invented the online ad space after all.

And all the financial “experts” agreed with them.

But I said… 

“Ain’t Never Going to Happen.”

You see, my team was thinking like checkers.  When business at the highest levels is more like chess.

So, what happened?

Netflix chose Microsoft to partner with…  Even though Google does 25 times more than Microsoft in ad revenue.  And is much more sophisticated.

So, why did Netflix choose Microsoft?

Because they’re looking for an exit.

They know their best days have come and gone.  It’s time to cash the chips in and move on.

But there are only a handful of companies that are big enough to buy them.

And companies that do have the cash – like Google and Facebook – couldn’t.  The FTC would never allow it.

Which leaves only one company… Microsoft.

Netflix – and probably Microsoft too – are playing chess, not checkers.

They’re moves ahead of what the public sees.

That’s how I run all my businesses… and you should too.

You gotta be strategic.  And think long term.

Keep that in mind as you’re building your own empire.

10X, every day.

– Grant

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