8 Tips for Overcoming Sales Objections

overcoming objections

Fellow 10X’er…

If you want to sell more, you have to get great at overcoming objections.

In order to do that, the first thing you should know is that objections are a good thing.

If a prospect is sticking around long enough to give you objections… that means they’re interested.

They’re just not certain yet.

The other thing you should know is that – a lot of times – prospects lie.  They won’t give you the real objection.

At least they won’t without you digging.

And that’s an art.

Here are some tips to help you get great at handling objections…

1Keep Them On Topic

Prospects will start talking about anything else but your offer if you let them.

They’ll talk about the weather… sports… whatever.  Anything to avoid putting off a decision.

The worst is when they start complimenting you… telling you what a great guy you are… how good you are at following up – etc.

It’s easy to let them lead you astray when they’re saying nice things about you.

But you’ll never make the sale if you don’t kindly – and firmly – guide them back to the sales conversation you need to have.

2Make Sure You’re Talking to the Actual Buyer

This is so obvious, but sales pros mess it up all the time.  They spend an hour on the phone with a prospect.  And the call ends with “sounds good – let me talk to my partner…”

And the deal is lost.

Handle this objection early on by saying “Hey – before we get too far along, are you the only one I should be talking to about this deal?  Or do we need to include someone else too?”

3Dimensionalize the Price

Don’t say “my service is $1,600 a month.”

If you’re selling a service that will help 100 employees get better results… then say “it’s only $16 per employee a month.  Which of your employees is not worth investing $16 dollars in?”

You’re not being pushy.  And you’re not lying.  You’re getting them to see how small the investment is for the massive return they’ll get.

4Ask the 1 Question that Reveals the TRUE Objection

This question helps me cut to the chase fast.

The key is to pick a common objection and then ask…

Other than [objection], why haven’t you done this yet?

You have to think this up ahead of time.  It could be as simple as the price…

Other than the price, why haven’t you done this yet?

The idea is that when you ask this question… you’ll either nail it on the head… OR they’ll tell you what their real biggest objection is.

5Set the Stage for the Close

If you think you’ve addressed all the objections – but you’re not sure – here’s a simple technique.

Just re-clarify the deal.

Recap what they get… what it’s truly worth… and emphasize any special treatment you promised.

“So, you get a year’s access to all our training… and your whole team can attend a weekly training call… plus I waived the initiation fee… and threw in a free ticket to attend our next event.   And you get all that for just $2 per employee per month.  Sound about right to you?”

Re-clarifying is a way of closing all the doors and paving the way to the close.

P.S. – when you throw in a bonus, throw in value – not money.   Giving discounts for no reason cheapens you in the eyes of the prospect.  But everyone values more stuff for the same money.

6Don’t Discount – Do This Instead

In the last tip I said don’t discount because it cheapens you in the eyes of the prospect.

I said to throw in a bonus instead.

But what do you do when the prospect insists on a lower price?

Here’s the rule…

Never lower your price unless you get something back in return.

“Can you come down in price?”  

“Yeah, sure.  I’ll just have to remove something from the package.  And I’ll ask you to commit to 12 months instead of 6.”

You’ll find that most of the time, price is not the real objection.  The prospect is just seeing how far they can push you.

7Don’t Create New Objections

So many sales people talk themselves out of a sale.

They’ll quote the price and then start justifying it.  

Even on the phone, you can hear them backpedaling.

Quote the price and then shut up.

8Stay Certain

More than anything else, people buy certainty.  If you’re not 100% certain that your product or service will solve your prospect’s problems… that it’s the right thing for them to do…  you shouldn’t be selling it.

That said, it can be easy to get down if you’ve had a string of “no’s”.  Or if you’re not sleeping or eating right.

I promise if you, if you stay high energy… and maintain your level of certainty… prospects will smell the confidence – and more will buy.  

Ok, now it’s time to get to work.

Take these 8 objection handling tips… practice them… 

And watch your close-rate 10X.

Keeping it real,

– Grant

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