Why Retire

One of the biggest lies the middle-class trap uses to lure people in is being comfortable in our “golden years.” I know how nice that idea sounds — and how much society reinforces it. Nonetheless,  let me make my case on why you should never retire before you decide… 

3 Major Reasons Why to NEVER Retire

As you can guess, I have stated publicly I won’t retire many times. Naturally, I have my reasons for that choice. However, some go beyond just me…

The reality is that 56% of Americans are not going to be able to comfortably retire — according to CNBC

Aside from the financial factors why you shouldn’t retire, there is what slowing down does to your drive. And, that’s what I’m going to present to you today… 

Free Time Won’t Make You Happy

One of the main incentives others cite as why they retire is more free time to “do what they want.” That, of course, sounds great — in theory. 

But in practice, most retirees’ activity levels decline without daily routine and discipline


Resting and entertainment are fine now and again. But, there is only so much golf you can play or sitting poolside you can do before it gets old.

 That’s why even my vacations have a purpose when I take them. Because working towards goals is the secret to long-term happiness…

Retirement is a Waste of Your Potential 

The second reason why you shouldn’t retire is because you haven’t done everything you can do yet. How could I possibly know that? 


You’re not dead yet! And even then, I’m not sure we’re done making moves. And, if you feel like you “got nothing left,” retirement is not the answer….

You need a juicier objective. 

Your “Why” Should be So Big You CAN’T Retire

When you find your true purpose in life and business, it should motivate you so much that you can’t sleep. 


Sure, you could be one of the lucky ones who could afford to step back from the grand. 

Yet, if you are in a career that helps others, challenges you, and makes the world better…

Retirement is not an option. 

That being said, don’t think that if you decide to hustle all your life you’ll be stuck… 

Staying Busy Doesn’t Mean Less Freedom 

Despite everything most of us were taught, the make-break point of why I’ll never retire is to create more freedom. 

As of writing this, I am at the age and financial where I could step away from my business if I wanted to. However, I know something that would immediately become limited…

My creativity and my ability to reach others with my message. 

You also have that to offer the world. Don’t be selfish by shrinking into retirement. 

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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