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Technology continues to evolve, as well as finding new uses for existing technologies. One such example is how Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, and KFC are utilizing AI to monitor workers. This is how these fast food chains repurposed an artificial intelligence platform to increase sales and productivity… 

Meet Taco Bell, KFC, and Dairy Queen’s New Hire — Riley

With the operation of franchise costs going up, many popular chains are looking at ways to improve profitability. 

To that end, three of the most recognizable names in the industry are adding an AI supervisor to oversee workers… 


However, the AI platform was not originally intended to work the drive-thru. Riley was developed less than a year ago by the surveillance firm, Hoptix. 

Hoptix’s founder and CEO, Ken Bianchi’s hobby, inspired the tech shift.

As such, he told Forbes that Riley’s purpose in these franchises was as a training tool. 

“When you break this down to individual employees, you can actually start to see who’s converting the most, who’s not converting the most, why they are converting the most. And now you’ve created a training platform where you can look at the best of the best and what they’re doing. The gamification that’s come from this has blown me away.”

But of course that leaves the most important question…

How does it work? 

Riley AI System Rewards Workers for SALES

Before you think that Riley is just an AI Big Brother for workers, there are some upsides for the employees as well. 

This artificial intelligence software does predictable things such as:

  • Track meal prep times
  • Audit the amount of food waste
  • Record customer interactions

But, the extra trick Riley does is categorize those interactions to allocate bonuses to staff who sell the most. 

Early reports are showing small increases in sales already. 

So, if you are asked if you want to add a drink to your order or some extra nacho cheese…  

Your local T-Bell workers may be trying to impress the AI. 

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