James Barbour and Tracee Nichols

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tracee was surrounded by art and heavily influenced by her sculptor father. As a child, she developed a love of jewelry when she and her grandma would volunteer on Sundays at the local thrift store. Tracee’s job was to sell the pieces in the jewelry case. As she arranged the pieces in the display, Tracee became enchanted by the artistry and beauty of each individual piece. At 9, with her thrift store experience well-honed, Tracee spent her first summer in St. Louis antiquing with her aunt. They transected the country from the Midwest to the East coast, buying and selling precious antiques, and always looking for that “perfect find.” It was in a tiny antique shop in an even tinier town that Tracee began a life-long passion of collecting high quality vintage pieces. Tracee continued her vintage collection throughout her teen years and into college, where she earned degrees in Interior and Architectural Design. Upon graduation, Tracee moved to Los Angeles and launched a career in the design world. Though satisfying, fun, and successful, Tracee was inundated with questions and admiration of her jewelry and the idea to create her own line, and design her own pieces, was sparked. Drawing on her love of artistry and meticulous eye for beauty, Tracee created The Roman, her signature piece. Using the finest materials, her jewelry is crafted in gold, silver, and rose gold, and set with diamonds, emeralds, or rubies, as well as some with beautiful semi-precious stones. It is Tracee’s intention that each woman who wears one of her pieces feels sexy and beautiful, chic and classic. With these creations, Tracee strives to craft pieces that are modern and graceful, yet harken back to an earlier time when hand-tooled quality was customary. By maintaining this level of excellence, Tracee hopes that each one of her timeless pieces will one day–far into the future–become a beautiful vintage find. Tracee Nichols jewelry uses the highest quality materials, while maintaining an eco-friendly brand. All of the diamonds and precious stones selected are conflict-free and handmade in the United States.


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