It is safe to say that I believe in multifamily real estate – that can be seen in the massive number of apartment units in my portfolio. I’m constantly looking at deals. So it only made sense that I would be narrowing in on the top five multifamily markets to look for in 2022. 

I found some hot markets, but just listing them out won’t help you in the long run. You need to know WHY they are ideal for finding those cash-flowing assets. 

How to Tell If a Multifamily Market is Hot 

First, I want you to understand is that you don’t have to complicate real estate. Where people are going the returns will follow. Consequently, you will notice the top multifamily markets I’m about to talk about hit a lot, if not all, of these criteria. 

Some of the attributes of an ideal real estate market are: 

  • They are landlord-friendly. These markets have no or limited rental restrictions and reasonable laws regarding tenants. 
  • Demand. Of course, there has to be high demand in a good market. High occupancy is what can get you the returns you deserve on an asset. 
  • Barriers to entry are a big factor in what makes these cities I’m about to talk about so desirable. The more barriers to entry there are, the more explosive the appreciation will be. 

The List 

Now, here’s what you’ve been waiting for. These are my top five picks for multifamily markets to look for in 2022. If you do your research on the following markets – and you should – you’ll see they have all those indicators we talked about above. Finding the right deal in one of these markets is like Christmas morning to a multifamily investor like me. 

This is “The List.” 

5Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas, USA downtown city skyline over Root Square.

First, we’ll start with Houston. The job market here is strong. What I mean by that is more and more people are moving here for opportunities. While the housing market is tight, the multifamily market isn’t. People move here and rent. Add low barriers to entry, affordability, and low cost of living, and you have a place that people would die to move to.

4Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Arizona with its downtown lit by the last rays of sun at the dusk.

Fun fact: Phoenix is the sixth hottest U.S. market for multifamily sales over the last decade. Let me give you three reasons why this city is on my list: population growth, a construction boom, and a big increase in rental activity.

3Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA skyline.

There’s a reason why South Florida has two spots on my list, and Fort Lauderdale takes one of them. People are running to move to Florida because the local economy was one of the first to open up after the pandemic. Rental properties are being built rapidly and rent prices are constantly rising.

2Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida, USA downtown skyline on the bay at dawn.

If you’re looking to invest in Florida, then this city should be your number one choice. Here are some reasons why. Florida’s climate, the lack of a state income tax, and the increased ability to work from anywhere. This is why I chose to not only invest but also live in South Florida. Tampa specifically is also one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida with an unemployment rate of 3.6%.


This city is hot for single-family, multifamily, AND commercial real estate. Austin has a rapidly expanding economy that is backed by a highly educated workforce who is willing to pay higher rent prices. Rental vacancy rates are low and it’s a big tech hub (means more job opportunities).

Look, I’ll buy a multifamily asset anywhere if the deal makes sense. However, these markets are a great place to start looking if you’re just starting out or to keep an eye on if you’ve been in the game a while. I just want you all in the game and making not just money, but wealth. 

If you are interested in learning more about my experience in the industry, come join my Real Estate Training. Hope I see you there.

Here’s to your cash flow in 2022,

Grant Cardone 

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