I’m a public speaker since 2009… I’ve been on hundreds of stages. And you know what I like most about it? That’s probably what scares you the most.

This is why public speaking feels so scary

When I get on stage and I see 3000, 4000, 5000 people… Well, actually, I don’t see them, because on stage it’s not like that. You have a lot of lights or sometimes you are blinded by the light (that makes it easier). Let’s drill down to 500 people. You see people’s faces and this moment when you see the audience, when you see all these eyeballs looking at you… That might give you a scary feeling. This is exactly what drives me to speak. This is exactly what switches on my speaker mode. In my brain, that makes me perform for 20, 30, 60 minutes.

Speaking is an extreme sport

You wanna enjoy this. Just like other people have been bungee jumping or other crazy extreme sports. Speaking is an extreme sport as well. Yup, speaking is an extreme sport for the mind- for the mindset, for the psychology.

How shifting your mindset can make you love public speaking

So if you’re scared about speaking… if you have speaking fears… Think about that angle. Think about that perspective. And try it for yourself. In the end, you might just love public speaking.

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