If you ever wonder why the environment in your business is toxic or why the team is dysfunctional, first understand that it’s a direct reflection of your skills as a leader.  

For a lot of business owners, that’s a scary thought; however, it’s a fact.

Your team is only following the leader, and sometimes that’s not something people want to confront. Being open-minded and learning from your blind spots will only make you a better leader and a stronger business owner. 

How leaders are viewed inwardly is how they project outwardly.

At the very core, it’s how you view yourself as a leader. It’s the aura you’ve created – the culture of the organization. 

It’s what’s attracted people into the environment. 

I have sat through HUNDREDS of role-play exercises, where employees victimize the business owners. And it always lands on, “Well, why’d you hire them? Why do you continue to hire them? Why aren’t you firing them?” 

If you don’t have the team you want, it’s because you, as a leader, still don’t KNOW what you want; so, how are you going to find a better team? How can you even demand more from your employees if you’re not willing to reach the levels you’re requesting?

You see, people want a coach, a leader who’s going to take them to the top teaching them how to get there. Someone they can learn from. So, don’t tell your team what to do. Lead them by example. 

A leader is directly responsible for the culture in the organization.

If you use that lens, you just simply talk to people and you listen to them, you will know what the thinking is in that environment and culture. 

I’ve seen it all: Some business owners who were aware of how bad they were doing, and others who have been doing incredible things thinking they were doing the right thing…and they were doing the wrong thing.

If you’re accountable, dependable, results-oriented, and driven, then your team is going to be the same way. Your culture breeds the culture of the business – always remember that. 

Remarkable leaders surround themselves with other remarkable people. So, keep that in mind when you’re building your team. 

If you’re serious about building a reputable business with a strong, powerful team, reach out to my team at Cardone Ventures.