To attract the right people, your business needs to have powerful core values.

Business owners always say they “can’t find good people.” But the reality is… it’s you.

If you believe you only get “bad people”, then that’s what you will continue to find.

If your belief lid is at a six, you will never get anyone to stay that has a higher one. 

My good friend and mentor, John C. Maxwell, talks about this concept, and it’s one that I’ve carried with me throughout my career. Learning how to shift my thinking was the key to my success.

Once I understood that I was the one responsible for the type of people inside my organization, everything changed.

Before you hire

You need to know what you want. 

Just like the picture you want to paint for yourself about where you want your business to go, you need to do the same for the people you attract, interview, and hire

It all starts with your business’ core values.

Cardone Ventures business core values

Before I even began building my team, I had to take a deep look at myself.

  • What qualities do I value?
  • What qualities do I want my team to uphold?

From there, it was easy. I know who I am, the qualities I value, and the types of people that I want to surround myself with

My core values are:

  1. Accountable
  2. Transparent
  3. Aligned
  4. Results-oriented 
  5. Inspirational 
  6. Disciplined 

I’m so certain of my business core values that I’m able to uphold them with dignity and confidence. As a result, they trickle down into my team. 

And when you, your team, and anyone else within your organization lives these great values, your clients will also feel their lasting impact.

Overall, “people” seems to be the number one problem most business owners struggle with, and it’s with good reason. The truth is, being a leader is hard. It takes years of experience to know how to develop people, and it’s even harder to align your team to the business’ core values.

Attend our two-day People Essentials Workshop for our team’s secrets, strategies, and tools to help you not only develop and build your team but to be a great leader that drives results.

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