January 27th, Grant Cardone Enterprises held it’s Bring Your Deal Workshop in Aventura, Florida. As the name suggests, attendees have the chance to present actual real estate deals to Grant Cardone himself. Then, they discuss their viability as assets. This second-ever Bring your Deal Workshop had a massive turnout.

Grant Cardone listening to attendees of the Bring Your Deal Workshop
Bring Your Deal Workshop – VIP Lunch

The workshop was originally going to be hosted at 10X Headquarters. The turnout was overwhelming. As a result, the CTTI team had to quickly move all 162 10X’ers to the nearby JW Turnberry Miami Resort.

The only people given the opportunity to come to this real estate roundtable with Grant have to be members of the Grant Cardone Real Estate Club. You can get more information on how to join the exclusive group here.

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