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The story I’m going to tell you happened years ago — back when I rented a beachfront home in California…

But the success secret I used here has never let me down and it’ll never let you down, either.

So pay attention to what I’m going to share with you today — and let’s go back in time…

I’m in Toronto, Canada and the airline has just told me I won’t be able to fly back to San Diego for another FIVE days due to adverse weather.

This isn’t good enough for me — not by a long shot. I have to attend to some urgent business in San Diego — and there’s no way I’m letting anybody down!

Five days? Screw that.  I’m getting home in TWO days or less!

So I start moving west.  I don’t know how I’m going to get home, to be honest… but the intention is there.  I’m just letting my intention guide me.

Next, I fly from Toronto to Calgary.  Then I get a connecting flight from Calgary to Vancouver.  I just keep moving west, closer to San Diego.

What next?

I don’t know, I don’t have a plan, I don’t have a method.

I just have the intention, and a determination to keep on moving.

While this is happening, everyone is telling me to hang tight… just stay at the hotel and relax…

But I ignore them.  I never listen to naysayers (if you do what everyone else says, then you’ll just be like everyone else).

So, in Vancouver, I rent a car.

I drive to the US border.

But there’s a HUGE problem now.

Guess what? 

There’s a 3-hour wait at the customs line and I’m going to miss my flight to Seattle! 

Everyone’s got the same idea.  There are THOUSANDS of cars lining up to get through the border.

So what do I do?

I spot a guy walking the customs line.  I tell him, “Hey, there’s gotta be another way, man! Is there a shortcut? I have to get to San Diego.”

He says, “Well, there is.  If you go two blocks and take a left, there’s a street called Second Avenue.  Take a right… then take your second left… then you’ll see a parking lot.  Pull in there, buy something from the store, and they’ll let you out and it’s a shortcut into the line!”

Well… how about that?

Out of the thousands of motorists here, I’m the only guy who keeps moving forward and shows some intention.  I follow his instructions and sure enough, the shortcut works!

I get to the border.  But guess what?

I’m patting myself down and I realize I haven’t got my passport.


I’m not letting this stop me, either.  I explain my situation to the customs agent…

And he waves me on through!

This isn’t luck, my friend.  This is the power of intentionIt’s the power of relentlessly moving forward.


I’m driving to Seattle and I hit the most monstrous traffic I’ve ever seen in my life.

It’s all over the radio.  The worst traffic Seattle has had in SIX years.  There’s not a chance I can make it to the airport in time…

So I decide to drive to Portland instead to make my connection there.

Twenty minutes away from the airport, my fuel light comes on.  

Oh, come on!

I’m not stopping.  I’m not slowing down.  I stomp my foot on the gas. And I weave in and out of the lanes…

I manage to stop at a gas station, fuel up, and I make it to the airport with just ten minutes to spare… where I board my connecting flight to San Diego.

I said I wanted to get home in less than TWO days…

Well, it took me 22 hours.

And that didn’t surprise me one bit.

You see, successful people don’t get hung up on the details.  

Successful people don’t pause, and they don’t procrastinate.  

They just keep moving forward… and trust that the details will work themselves out.

Just keep moving forward! 

 I promise — so long as you have a clear goal, moving forward no matter what the odds will always result in you getting whatever you want.

That’s one of my biggest secrets to success. 

And if you’re honestly, wholeheartedly committed to keep moving forward to your goals…

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I’ll see you there!

Keeping it real,

Grant Cardone

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