Spring cleaning is more than just a deep clean. It’s the perfect chance to stop and reflect on your first three months of the year. Instead of waiting until December to revisit your bucket list, resolutions, and goals, do it now. Spring 2022 is the perfect time.

It’s one thing to make goals for yourself in the beginning of the year, but it’s another to revisit and refresh them.

With Spring 2022 blooming and a new season in full swing, here’s what you should do.

Ask yourself these goal-setting questions for spring 2022

  • Am I on track for completing my goals this year?
  • What can I do to ensure I’m working bigger, better, and faster?
  • Where are my areas of opportunity?
  • What should I do to make sure I’m taking massive action — day in and day out?

Once you have your answers, readjust your goals.

Reflection is an important aspect of ensuring you’re:

1) on track with your goals;

2) setting SMART goals;

3) meeting and exceeding your goals.

There’s no such thing as a target that’s too high or a goal that’s too ambitious.

It’s up to you to make it happen.

3 months down, 9 left to go

With 3 months practically said and done, we only have 9 months left to accomplish everything we set out to do in 2022.

It’s essentially crunch time. So, go all in, give it all you’ve got, and don’t stop until you dominate those goals.

The successful are those who persevere and 10X all day, every day.

To 10X your business this year, schedule a call with my team at Cardone Ventures for help on planning, re-adjusting, and tracking your goals.


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