Increase Financial Certainty

One of my biggest insights over the past 10 years has been understanding the importance of “control.”

For example…

A few years back, I visited my daughters’ $25,000-per-year school.  During my visit, I spotted a lot of red flags.

For one thing, I dropped into a classroom where my daughters were meditating. 

I didn’t send my kids to school to meditate.

I sent my kids there to work.

And, I sent my kids to school so they could become successful.

Personally, I think you need infrastructure, strategy, and hard work to create success.  Not meditation.

At that point I realized…

If I wanted Sabrina and Scarlett to learn the right lessons… 

And if I wanted to give my daughters the best possible chance of success…

I needed to wrestle control from teachers, the school board, and the Department of Education. 

And I needed to take control of my kids’ education. 

A lot of people say to me, “You’re a control freak, Grant.  Why don’t you relax?”

To those people, I ask:

If you were on a plane… would you want the pilot to relax?  Or would you want the pilot to be in control?

Of course you’d want the pilot to be in control.  Why?

Because control means the plane lands safely.  Control means you reach your destination in one piece.

In short, control means certainty.  

The same is true of your financial situation.

If you want more certainty over your financial situation, you need to take control of your money.

Specifically, you need to…

Have a vehicle that lets you grow your income on demand.  Most people let their boss or the government determine their income.  It means they have almost zero control over their money. 

Invest in cash-flowing assets like business and real estate.  If you want to create real financial freedom, you must cut the link between the hours you put in and the payout you receive.  And the only way to achieve this is through cash-flowing assets.

Exchange value for money.  The more value you provide, the more revenue you can generate.  So if you want to control your finances… you need to figure out how to give the most value to the most people. 

Know how to outmarket and outsell everyone else in your market.  Simply offering a great product or service does not guarantee success.  This is important.  Because I’ve seen many great service providers fall on their face… while their mediocre rivals raked in profits. The difference-maker? Great marketing and sales. 

These 4 things are all I’ve done to control my financial situation.

I didn’t do anything fancy.

I’m not smart like those Silicon Valley programmers or Wall Street investors. 

Yet, I’ve achieved massive success in my life.  I’ve also generated 5X… 10X… maybe even 100X the wealth of most highly-educated people. 

Which goes to show just how important it is to take control of your situation.     

If you simply take control… and if you refuse to let the naysayers and haters pull you off track…

You can create unimaginable amounts of wealth and success. 

Now, if the idea of control appeals to you…

And if you want to know more about:

Generating income on demand – instead of waiting another 6 months… to a year… to 2 years for a raise…

Escaping the dollars-for-hours hamster wheel – so you can create real financial freedom

Marketing, selling, and dominating your market – so you set your business up for success… 

I just opened up 10X Growth Conference to virtual attendees. 

The in-person event sold out weeks ago…

But you can still be there when you purchase a virtual pass.  

10X Growth Conference kicks off next Tuesday (February, 14-16), and if you are not coming in person… you need to join me virtually. 

Unlike in-person tickets, your virtual pass won’t cost $2,497.

It won’t even cost you $997.

The price is just $97.

And for $97, I’ll hand you the right mindset and strategies to put YOU in control of your finances.
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Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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