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So many salespeople struggle with sales by phone just because they think it’s not as efficient as selling in person. I know this feeling, at one point I hated sales. But, not only is calling your client going to save you MORE time…

But there are ways to fundamentally improve your phone skills so that you can close every sale. 

Why Do You Need to be Good at Sales By Phone?

Look, times are always going to be changing. That’s a fact of life. Technology is going to change whether you like it or not


You’re going to have to adapt to new situations if you want to thrive in sales. 

Sitting down in person is always going to be best when you want to make a sale. But who has time to sit down with just one client? 

Everyone is so busy doing their own thing that calling someone has become one of the most accessible ways to reach who you wanna talk to.

If you want to master the skill of selling through the phone, these are my non-negotiable rules. Implementing these will have you dominating your sales by phone.

1. Never Make Just One Call

When you’re working you might want to get something else done in between calls. This habit is actually one of the worst things you could do, not just because it distracts you from sales…

But because it kills your momentum


You gotta keep calling people one after another. This way you keep focused on your main goal and it flexes your selling-by-phone muscles so that you get better every time. 

Usually, I sit down at my desk and section out a block of time where all I do is make calls…

So for about an hour straight I’m never putting down the phone. 

I go from one call to the next until I get the results I want to see

It can be tiring. But, this way I am always maximizing my time, attention, and efforts, to guarantee the success I’m looking for. 

2. Always Make Calls With a Purpose

When you’re making back-to-back calls, you need to always know exactly what it is you’re talking about. If you go into a call stumbling over your thoughts, you’re never going to close or even hold your client’s attention


This way, you’re always on track even if the conversation does get derailed. When you know exactly what point you’re trying to make nothing can stop you from eventually making more sales by phone

3. Always Follow Up With a Different Communication Method

Like I said earlier, the job doesn’t end when you put the phone down. Whenever you reach out to a client and have a productive conversation, you have to make sure that you reach out to them afterward.

It can be through texting, email, social media, anything…

As long as you make it clear that you are keeping the client’s needs at the front of your mind. 

This demonstrates a commitment to your clients and the service you’re providing them when making sales by phone.

Think of this in terms of combat. When you make an attack plan, you don’t want to fight with just one of your soldiers, you want to attack with every resource you have on hand. 

So why would you send just one communication, when you could double down and prove to them what a great salesperson you are?

4. Always Approach Your Calls With a Great Attitude

Before you even pick up the phone…

You need to make sure you are ready to talk to your potential customers with a great attitude. Making sales by phone, you always have to keep the absolute best outcome in mind. 

Starting your conversation with 


A good attitude… 

and knowledge of the subject at hand…

Is what is going to make you trustworthy to your client. Once you have that trust, you’re on your way to closing every call. 


When you master your confidence while you’re making sales by phone, you’re always going to get something out of your calls.

Whether it’s a new email, a sale, or even a chance to flex your sales knowledge

If you’re good at what you do, you’re always going to find new ways to make these tips work for you. 

Sell or Be Sold,

Grant Cardone

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