Currently, Rick Ross has a net worth estimated at $45 million, which makes him one of the richest guys in the rap game. That being said, making that kind of money takes more than sick rhymes. At the 10X Growth Conference, this is what “The Boss” shared on how he reached the next level. 

At this point, Rick Ross’s early career is hip-hop history…

You have to be special to be the center of a bidding war between the infamous record labels Bad Boy Entertainment and Murder, Inc. before Jay-Z convinces you to sign with Def Jam Records!

However, Ross himself will tell you his journey to the top started long before that… 

Born in Mississippi and raised in Florida, the Miami rapper was no stranger to hard work and dedication. 

“Coming from the mud to the marble,” Rick Ross called it at the 10X Growth Conference

Ultimately, the millionaire musician claims that it was the mindset behind his actions that made the difference. 

Rick Ross: “Your Goals Don’t Give a F$C# About Your Excuses” 

Although Rick Ross grew up with the values of commitment and discipline, wealth was something that was more rumor than reality…  

Nonetheless, he did not let this hinder him from setting monstrous targets and wanting more. 

“What is going on in your mind fuels your heart,” Ross shared with Grant on stage at Growth Con. 

The entrepreneurial rapper knew that allowing negativity to make him slow down or pull back wasn’t an option. 


— Rick Ross at 10X Growth Conference 2022

When all is said and done, Rozay’s story shows that you can’t get anywhere without action. 

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Until you see the next round of power players on stage, don’t quit until you are great.

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