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I’m going to tell you about when I ruined my brand new, white Cadillac car. 

Before I get into it, you need to understand something about Grant and me when it comes to driving. 

It might surprise you to know that I used to be the baddest hot rod chick in LA.  

I once tricked out a convertible ‘65 Chevrolet Malibu RS SS.  I upholstered it myself.  And I even replaced the engine with my own hands.  

When I raced against hot rod guys, they ate my dust for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 

It’s fair to say I know how to drive a car.  I’m also hyper-alert to other drivers’ mistakes 

It’s why I have strong opinions on Grant’s driving.  I’m embarrassed to admit it… but Grant’s driving is the one thing we yell about.     

Which is why…

When I scraped our brand new Cadillac car, I burst into tears in front of Grant.

Please understand, I don’t normally cry.

I was not trying to avoid blame by crying. 

And I was not crying because I hurt somebody.  (I didn’t by the way, I just scraped my car’s paintwork).  

I was crying because I believed this incident made me a hypocrite. 

You might think Grant would throw this situation in my face.  Many partners would. 

But what he said reminded me why everyone needs to build an empire.

Grant said:

“We’re building an empire.  We have our health, our children, and our future plans.  Are you really going to tear yourself down over a scratched car?” 

In 2008, Grant’s reaction might have been very different. 

Back then, we didn’t know the right way to build an empire.  The ‘08 recession almost ruined us.    

We counted every penny. 

Car damage like this would have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

Nowadays, we can fix our car, no problem.  If our roof leaks, we can mend it.  If our kids get sick, we can treat them.  Why?

Because Grant and I have created success and wealth that shields us from most everyday challenges. 

So let me ask you this:

If you ruined your car, would your partner react the same way Grant did? 

If not…

I want you to imagine the difference if you knew your partner always had your back.

Would you take more risks and achieve more? 

Would you have more confidence to reach massive goals? 

I think you know the answer.

Which is why I want you to build an empire with your partner.  Grant and I have done it.  It’s why we’re not panicking about the recession, inflation, or rising interest rates. 

In 2008, we were just like everyone else.  We had no idea how vulnerable we were. 

I don’t want YOU to wait, like we did, for the falling economy to steal your wealth.  

Instead, I want you to join Build an Empire University.  

It’s my signature online course, where I share everything Grant and I have done to shield ourselves from financial worry…

And set our family up for extraordinary levels of success. 

During the holiday season, you can get it for just $270.  Most people spend that amount on Starbucks each month.

A cup of coffee might fire you up for an hour or two.

But Build an Empire University could set you up for life.

I know what I’d rather do with $270!

Here’s the link to invest in your future.

Build an Empire,

Elena Cardone 

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