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Today, I want to share with you one of the BEST-KEPT secrets of real estate billionaires.

It’s one that surprised me when I started meeting more and more of them.

But first, let’s talk a little bit about behavioral finance – especially where it concerns investors.

You see, behavioral finance studies how EMOTIONS affect the behavior of investors.

For example, it’s well-known that investors can be irrational, impulsive, and driven by personal biases at times.

They can overreact quickly, instead of basing their investment decisions on hard facts, numbers, and data.

This especially applies to stock market investors.

During volatile times, they have to watch the violent upswings and crashes.

I can only imagine what that does to their mindsets each day!

So what’s this got to do with real estate billionaires?

Here’s what I’ve observed about the people who got SUPER wealthy through real estate.

They’re really RELAXED all the time.

Nothing shakes them.

The stock market blows up… they stay cool.

Inflation comes along… they’re unphased.


Because their wealth doesn’t DEPEND on the stock market.

I’ve experienced the same thing myself.

Look, I DON’T like drama around my money at all.

And when I invest in concrete… in steel… in something TANGIBLE…

I sleep SO much better at night.

If I get worried about anything, I can just DRIVE over to my investment…

Feel it beneath my feet…

And actually take a LOOK at how it’s doing.

There’s a reason why real estate is the CORNERSTONE of many wealthy people’s portfolios. 

Because there’s simply no price you can put on this ONE precious thing:

PEACE of mind.

What do you think? Drop me an email at and ask me about all things real estate.*

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

*Disclaimer: This content is intended to be used for educational and informational purposes only. Before investing, you should always do your own analysis based on your own financial and personal circumstances before making any investment. Grant Cardone is an industry expert who has been investing for over 30 years and his opinion is based solely on his own personal experience and circumstances. Individual results may vary. You should perform your own due diligence and seek the advice from a professional to verify any information on our website or materials that you are relying upon if you choose to make an investment. Investment involves great risk and there is no guarantee of performance or results.

We are not attorneys, investment advisers, accountants, tax professionals or financial advisers and any of the content presented should not be taken as professional advice. We recommend seeking the advice of a financial professional before you invest, and we accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage you may incur.

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