Dream Home

Today, I’m going to share why I decided to sell my dream home…

Right before I tell you the story, I want you to try this mind exercise.

Ask yourself:

What do you need to get rid of that is in the way of your POTENTIAL? 

It’s not enough to just get rid of the small things.

Don’t just make a list or announce, “I’ve got to quit overspending money on useless things.” 

Those are the obvious things to get rid of.

To achieve your full potential, you often have to get rid of something you LOVE. 

I want you to dig DEEPER and ask yourself:

What ELSE do you need to get rid of to achieve your full potential? 

I remember when I sold my house in La Jolla, San Diego.

It was my DREAM home on the ocean, and it was irreplaceable.

As much as I loved it, I realized it was getting in the way of my full potential.

I was too comfortable, too satisfied with myself.

I was starting to fall into bad habits again.

I was starting to settle there. 

In short, I’d STOPPED growing in every area of my life. 

So the moment I realized I needed to get rid of this place… 

I sold the dream home within a week.

Then I took the money and moved to Los Angeles. 

Look, nobody goes from living on the ocean in La Jolla… to pithole Los Angeles. 

It was like moving from the oasis to the DESERT. 

I moved to Los Angeles and lived in a hotel for nine months… so I could WORK on myself. 

I had no friends, no connections. 

I had to start all over and rebuild my network… but that’s when I started GROWING again.

That’s when NEW opportunities started opening up for me in all areas of my life, including real estate.

So don’t just drop the SMALL things in life.

What can you drop now that will create the BIGGEST change in your life?

What reality have you created that is now in the way of your potential?

Maybe you worked really hard for it, you committed to it, and it was great for you in the past…

Like saving money as an asset… for example.

Having that nest egg was great for you, but like I always say…

Assets tend to become LIABILITIES. 

And with today’s inflation rates, cash in the bank is becoming a liability for most Americans.

Are you holding onto cash – or something else – which is blocking your growth?

Be honest with yourself, because you can only grow once you admit what’s stopping you.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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