Disney Earnings

The most magical place on earth might need to curb its reliance on cheap tricks. The latest Disney earnings report revealed that their parks sector…

Hasn’t been growing as much as the company’s analysts initially predicted.

Parks Sector Darkens Disney Earnings

During the company’s fiscal Q2 report… Disney’s earnings revealed a mixed bag, to say the least. 

The highlight of this report was the fact that for the first time since the streaming platform’s launch in November 2019…

Disney Plus finally turned a profit. 

As for everything else under the company’s jurisdiction… That’s a different story. 

The report outlined that operating income for the company’s parks sector will be flattening out in June. 


Analysts were disappointed…

Considering they had predicted a 12% gain year-over-year in operating income for the experiences segment. 

Experiences cover everything in the company from its theme parks, to cruises and hotels. 

The reason for the stagnation? 

Demand for the parks is coming down to “normal” levels. 

After COVID restrictions eased up in 2021…

Disney earnings profited from the renewed interest in theme parks and thrill-based experiences. 

So much so that revenue from all of Disney’s theme parks made up 52% of the company’s total operating income. 

Now that the demand is cooling, it’s starting to affect the company’s bottom line. Not to mention, plenty of families have been feeling the heat from Disney Park’s price hikes. 

In recent years, Disney has faced an entirely new slew of challenges that have made it more difficult for the company to turn a quick buck. Their theatrical film business has been struggling…

Because of the long-lasting effects of the Hollywood strikes…

But also due to audience disinterest in new Marvel and Star Wars films, which traditionally are huge box office draws. 

So where does this leave the future of the company’s earnings? 

Thankfully, this is not the first time the magical conglomerate has been in a position like this one.

Earnings Bring Back Old Wounds

This is not the first time that Disney’s earnings had the company walking with its tail in between its legs. 

With that said… 


In 2022, Disney faced some of the worst backlash to an earnings report ever, costing then-CEO Bob Chapek his job. 

Now current CEO, Bob Iger (also known as a boomerang CEO for his return to the company) made a point to reinvest in the parks sector of the company. 

Since then, Disney announced they would spend $60 billion across 10 years to improve upon their parks and resorts. 

While the company promises that bookings for parks and resorts have demonstrated healthy growth… 

There’s more that Disney needs to do to restore their once pristine earnings. 

Be Great, 

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