Paradigm – Good, fast, and cheap

paradigm - good, cheap, and fast

Fellow 10X’er…

I think I first saw it in a restaurant… 

One of the staff was wearing a black t-shirt.  And on that t-shirt, it said:  Good, Cheap, or Fast – Which 2 Do You Want?

The idea was that you couldn’t have food that was all 3.

It could be cheap and good… but not fast.

Or fast and cheap… but not good.

And so on.

Since then, I’ve heard that same kind of thinking applied to businesses everywhere.

And what’s dangerous is – with sayings like this – people accept them as true.

It’s called a paradigm – a way of seeing the world.

Then Along Came Amazon…

Amazon blew that “pick any 2” theory out of the water.

Amazon is fast.  They usually have a great price.  And the quality is good.

With Amazon, you get it all.

All it took was Jeff Bezos not accepting the “pick any 2” mentality.

And as a result, they’re taking over the world.

What about you?

Are you doing everything possible in your business so that your customers can have it all?

I know I am.

We offer amazing products and services… at a fantastic price… and we operate at lightning speed.

The moral of the story is… just because people spout stuff as wisdom doesn’t mean it is.

Question everything.

Keeping it real,

– Grant

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