Building my empire with Grant, I learned about the value of choices and how money can be a tool. More than that, I never realized how many opportunities for women become accessible once they have financial freedom. 

It matters to be financially independent, especially as a woman. When you can fully rely on yourself, you unlock the potential to expand your life and choose your path.

How Money Creates Opportunities for Women

When it comes to your finances, who doesn’t want to be rich? We all want to go on luxurious vacations and buy nice bags… 


As women, we all want the capacity to make our own decisions. To do that, we each need to be financially free to dictate what our lives look like. 

But, when women don’t have access to money, they don’t have options. To put it simply:


During my 10X Ladies talk with Venus Williams, we discussed some of the factors that keep women dependent 

Venus mentions in our conversation that financial independence doesn’t stop at how much money you have, but it also serves to protect you.

One of the most prevalent forms of abuse is financial abuse in the United States and the rest of the world. If someone is controlling your income, they are controlling you. 


When something is barring you from fully taking control of your money, whether it’s a person or other circumstance…

You stay stuck. 

We need to rise above the situations that have kept us small, the positions we’ve been in for generations. 

Relying on yourself for your needs and future will empower you to become truly independent.

Financial Freedom is Important

When women can take full control of all areas of their lives, not relying on anyone else…

They become capable of shaping the world around them. 

The thing is that money doesn’t create opportunities for women, but when women have money…

They can create new opportunities for themselves. 

With the power of financial freedom, women can open up businesses and work for themselves…

They can afford to give their children a better education… 

They become stronger assets to their partners, which is something that I struggled with when I first married Grant. 

We all can see how revolutionary money can be when providing opportunities for women. It creates a new foundation to change their lives…

And become truly independent. 

But getting there is not easy. You have to trust in yourself and more importantly, remember that you are your best bet to getting to where you want to be. 

If you’re ready to start your journey to financial freedom, join me at my 10X Ladies event to get tools and support. 

There we can all share life experiences and empower one another. 

Build an Empire, 

Elena Cardone

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