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This might surprise you, but I am the MOST unnatural sales person you’ll ever meet.

At the age of 17, my first sales job was in a clothing store.

My card read “sales associate”… and I HATED it. 

I got minimum wage, which was $1.85 back then.  But I also got commission.

At the time, a tie cost 20 bucks, and my commission was 6%, so I’d make about $1.20 on a tie.

So, one tie sale would nearly double my hourly rate.  But I wasn’t going to get rich that way.

And I hated talking to strangers and asking, “Is there something I can help you with?” 

I was awkward… tongue-tied… scared to approach people… hated rejection… 

And I thought my results were limited to my luck and meeting the right customer. 

(Now I know this is BS. I’ll tell you why later.)

So when I hear people say, “You are a natural salesman”… 


I got into sales because my survival depended on it, not because I wanted to. 

I remember telling my uncle, “I didn’t go to college to become a salesman.” 

And he said, “You didn’t go to college to be out of work either.” 

So I took the sales job and for the next 8 years, I hated sales. 

One day in 1983, a guy named Ray told me, “You hate sales because you don’t know anything about it.

He gave me a cassette by an old sales trainer and said, “Listen to this tape.” 

The trainer talked about a formula for selling step-by-step… from the moment you meet the customer… to closing the sale. 

It was amazing. 

I realized my life depended on sales and decided to quit moaning and groaning.

At the age of 25, I made a COMMITMENT to being great at sales.

I called the company to ask what else they had… and invested $3,000 in a 12-tape training program.

Every day, I invested up to an hour watching videos of this trainer explaining sales step-by-step. 

Within 30 days, my production had doubled. I also started enjoying the job I’d hated for the past 8 years.

Within 9 months, I was in the top 1% in my industry, and I had fallen in love with sales.

Within 5 years, I started a business where I would teach salespeople and sales organizations a new way to sell.

So, yes, I am the most unnatural salesperson you’ll ever meet…

Because nothing about my skills or success is something I was born with.

I believe that the truly great salespeople… who stand out above the rest… aren’t even really in the same profession as average salespeople. 

Great salespeople are paid immense fees compared to their peers.

They think differently, act differently, and work differently.  

When the economy crashes, “the greats” may experience small dips in production, but they always survive… whereas the amateurs lose their jobs. 

To great salespeople, the job is effortless because they understand how to reach their goals. 

BUT I’ve never met anyone who reached stellar levels of success and got there because of luck or some sort of God-given talent. 

They’re successful because they have mastered the trade.

And the difference between mediocrity and greatness lies in:

  • Being committed to the profession…
  • Being consumed by the desire to be great… 
  • And the dedication to learn the trade.

Despite the popular belief that there are LIMITS in sales…

I assure you that the only limits you face are those that exist in your mind.

The truth is, you can get paid whatever you want to. There is no ceiling. 

You can decide what products you sell, who you sell them to, and who you want to work with. 

Great salespeople don’t have ceilings on their earnings…

Because they know that “their income depends solely on their ability to:

  • Get in front of customers…
  • Make themselves known…
  • Get agreements…
  • Close sales…
  • And reproduce those results over and over again.

In other words, they’ve learned the secret to perfecting their sales cycles.

Only a handful of people ever take the time to really learn this game and master it. 

⇒ Will you be one of them at my 10X Boot Camp Interactive on Nov 4-6, 2022?

Keeping it real,

– Grant Cardone

P.S. Wondering what exactly is the 10X Boot Camp Interactive?

Check out what one of my students said about a previous 10X Boot Camp Interactive:

Covid shut down my business and I had to rebuild it.  I took the same techniques that I learned with Grant to rebuild it and we went from $2,000 a month to $12,000 a month.

At the 10X Boot Camp Interactive, you can learn the same techniques my student used to rebuild his business after the Covid recession, such as: 

#1 Take back your FREEDOM

In Sessions 1 and 2, you’re going to take a close, hard look at your personal finances, where your money is currently going, and the BELIEFS that are holding you back from building wealth.  Then you’ll learn how to apply my 10 Wealth Creation Principles and the 40% rule to reach your target income.

#2 Create SYSTEMS that keep money flowing to you

In Sessions 3 and 4, you’re going to learn about the Perfect Business Cycle, uncover 8 hidden truths and 10X strategies for generating a constant flow of new customers for your business.  When I say constant, I mean in ANY economy, even a recession.

#3 Know exactly what to SAY and DO to close 10X more sales

In Sessions 5 to 8, I’ll hand you the 6 keys to my Perfect Sales Cycle (if you master #6, you can forget the rest), 10 truths about sales you might be violating, 7 requirements for closing the sale, strategies for overcoming the top 5 objections you’ll face, and more.  You’re going to walk away with a game plan for perfecting your own sales cycle and closing more sales in your business.

#4: Blast through ALL your mental roadblocks and SCALE

In Session 8, we’ll look at the top 6 reasons why people don’t execute their goals, and then you’re going to look at what’s REALLY holding you back from investing in yourself and your business.  You’ll create a strategy for executing on your goals, and you have to be accountable to everyone else in the room.  In Session 9, you’re going to COMMIT to actually 10Xing your business with a rapid scaling formula.

#5 Build your COMMUNITY in 3 days

After each session, with the click of a button, I’ll put you in Zoom breakout groups of 6 where you can do exercises together and even roleplay sales with your fellow attendees.  You are guaranteed to meet at least 50 valuable connections who might include: new high-paying clients, mentors in your very same industry, or new team members who can help scale your business.

Grab your virtual front-row seat to these VALUE-packed sessions now

The 10X Boot Camp Interactive is how you’re going to finally take control of your finances and turn your business into a revenue MACHINE.  

And the end game?

I’ll let the results from past 10X Boot Camp Interactive attendees speak for themselves.

“I’ve already grown from $0 to $20 million in the past 3.5 years.” 

“I was making about $6,000 a month.  

A year later, I’m making $30,000 a month.” 

“We went from $3 million in annuity sales to $30 million.” 

But here’s the thing –

We have limited tickets available, because we want to fill the room with serious 10X-ers only, and tickets are running out fast.  

What I’m offering you is THREE WHOLE DAYS of proven knowledge, tools and strategies to 10X your life.

I guarantee that you’ll learn more in 3 days at my 10X Boot Camp Interactive than you will in 4 years of college…

And you’re getting it all for $97.  

Look, I don’t know how much you paid for college, but according to USNews.com, the average cost for out-of-state students at public colleges is about $22,953 a year in 2022.  

That’s $143 a day just to sit for 3 hours in a lecture theater that doesn’t prepare you for the biggest challenges most Americans face today.

So go here now to reserve your $97 seat for 3 WHOLE days of REAL education with me.

Once you’ve secured your seat at the 10X Boot Camp Interactive…

  • You’ll receive your 10X Boot Camp Interactive Workbook ahead of time.  I’ll be using this workbook to go through all the goal setting, self-assessment questionnaires, and strategies, so you can have all of this valuable information with you for LIFE.  
  • You’ll also receive a limited edition 10X Swag Box filled with my best-selling books and 10X merchandise – while supplies last.

During the 10X Boot Camp Interactive on Nov 4-6, 2022 the MOST important weekend of your life:

  • You’ll have a personalized online dashboard where you’ll have access to the live-session Zoom rooms, our virtual customer service desk, additional resources, and downloads.
  • You can book strategy sessions to ask me and my team how to apply the strategies you’ve learned, overcome your roadblocks, and execute your own personal and business game plans.  
  • You’ll have dedicated time to network and interact with other attendees during the three days.  “Doors” also open every day at 10.30am EST so you can check in early and start networking!

This is a live virtual experience, and for you to get maximum ROI, you need to be PRESENT with us to make the most of it!  There are no replays, so make sure you block the time on your calendar and join us for all sessions over the course of these three days:

  • Friday, Nov 4: 11am-7pm EST
  • Saturday, Nov 5: 11am-7pm EST
  • Sunday, Nov 6: 11am-5pm EST
    • 2 breaks a day, lunch at 2pm

Remember, I have limited tickets available, and they’re running out as we speak.
So if you’re ready to join me on November 4, save your seat at the 10X Boot Camp Interactive now.

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