Liquid Death Water

Last year, sales of non-alcoholic beverages went up 30% according to an article in Ad Age. And, the Liquid Death water brand is profiting from that trend. Their most recent valuation came in at over $1 billion! This is the story of how the brand makes bank on H20… 

The Canned Water Worth a Cool $1 Billion

When we last wrote about Liquid Death, the company valuation was an impressive $700 million…


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This news came immediately after the brand raised an additional $67 million in capital. 

Further, some of those investors are members of the A-list. NFL player, DeAndre Hopkins, is a notable example. 

Clearly, this brutally-branded hydration has strong backing and followers. (7.9 million on TikTok and Instagram, to be exact.) 

But ultimately, Liquid Death is just… water in a can…

So, what is it doing that has the public hooked? 

How Liquid Death Water Keeps its Street Cred 

Liquid Death’s edgy packaging of water is what originally won over dark hearts. But, its their commitment to the brand’s message that kept it…


One of their recent campaigns took this to the next level when LD partnered with skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk. 

Hawk’s partnership with the beverage retailer is controversial for a cause…

 The pro skater donated his blood to be used in paint for 500 limited-edition skateboards. 

All of the proceeds of which go to environmental causes and building parks in underprivileged areas. 

However you feel about Liquid Death’s incendiary marketing to sell water. It’s working and they’re sticking with it. 

And there’s something kinda cool about that… 

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