Liquid Death

Everyone must drink water to survive. Nonetheless, most of us don’t think we are making a statement while doing it. That is until Liquid Death came along. Now, the brand is making a killing with its water in stylish aluminum cans. Here are the factors behind its success… 

Earning BIG Money By Making Water Look Cool   

Liquid Death was founded in 2019 by Mike Cessario with a simple premise…

 Spring water in sleek cans that had art similar to trendy alcohol brands.


However, Cessario is no stranger to marketing products to an edgy crowd. He shared in a Forbes article how he was a Creative Director for companies like Street League Skateboarding. 

Ultimately, it was  Liquid Death’s in-your-face marketing and packaging that led to its success. 

Fans of the canned H20 even get tattoos of its logo…

Additionally, the brand partnered with event company, Live Nation. As a result, it is benefitting from being a part of concert economies


That being said, the brutal packaging may have gotten the market’s attention. Still, there are real benefits to the product… 

Liquid Death Helps the Planet Live Longer 

Liquid Death’s aluminum cans are far better for the environment than water in plastic bottles. 

This concern may seem ironic for a brand with the motto, “Murder your thirst.” 

But, Mike Cessario is passionate about conservation. So he ensured it would only be available in this format. 

And now, Liquid Death has expanded into more than “just water” and has added flavored and iced teas to the line. 

So, yes, we may have been influenced into hydrating more sustainably because it looks cooler…

But at the end of the day, is that a bad thing? 

Be Great,

GCTV Staff 

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