With the 10X Growth Conference right around the corner, some of our favorite past speakers have been on our minds. So when we saw that 10X fave, Kevin Hart was sharing career advice, we were all ears. Especially because it was the tips he’d tell himself… 

The Success that Backs Up Kevin Hart’s Career Advice 

Now, we don’t like to endorse or listen to business counsel from just anyone. They have to have solid numbers behind their big talk. 

When Hart sat down with Grant at the 2020 10X Growth Conference, he was already a top-earning actor. 

However, the comedian’s negotiation skills have made him among the highest-paid entertainers…


Additionally, Kevin Hart has financial wins outside his Hollywood career. In fact, he shared with GC the scope — and returns — of his real-estate investing ventures. 

KH has won in the toughest industry out there and has invested wisely to secure his legacy. And according to him, it is all due to this one nugget of wisdom… 

Hart’s Most Valuable “Information” 

This golden piece of  career knowledge Kevin Hart would prefer to call, “information.” (At least, that’s what he told the Wall Street Journal.

“That way it’s harder for people to sue me,” the Fatherhood star added with a laugh. 

That disclaimer out of the way, Hart emphasized the importance of being exposed to new ideas and experiences. 

“I was lucky to have gotten out of it at an early age. [his childhood neighborhood in Philadelphia]… and see what else is out there. But if you don’t get to see that, all you know is what’s around you.” 

Kevin then went on to explain how he felt after his first time performing in a comedy club. 

“I was excited about something that I never knew about.”

The actor attributes this experience as the root of all his success. 

So, take a page out of Kevin Hart’s career path… 

Try new things because it could be your ticket to success. 

Take the risk and be great. 

— GCTV Staff

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