Here at Nikos Computer Engineering we are committed to being the leaders of innovative services within our industry. We are constantly looking for more ways to automate your business and save you money. We provide custom software for businesses to help provide those services. In addition to that, we specialize in Amazon Web Services using Alexa skills, voice technology, and Artificial Intelligence. Lyft, a leading ride-sharing organization valued at over $11 billion, depends on its mobile apps and backend infrastructure to run its business. Undetected problems, such as riders not being matched with rides in a timely manner, can cost the company revenue, customers, and market share. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to identify problems in real time without the need for manual inspection of multiple dashboards. You can prevent events that can impact your revenue and brand integrity with a solution that detects anomalies quickly, allowing you to address issues in a timely manner to help ensure a consistently high-quality experience for your customers. Amazon Web Services has been investing large amounts of money into machine learning for 20 years. Currently, those opportunities are being used primarily in high tech businesses due to expertise, however this technology is eligible to all and can be used by businesses across all spectrums. Businesses currently using machine learning with AWS include Netflix, Pinterest, NASA, Expedia, Washington Post, Lyft, and many others. Since 2010, we have had the ability to collect big data and web analytics with the ability to scale, meaning gather endless amounts of data. Moving into the next decade, the machine learning is more autonomous meaning the AI can look through data and highlight what’s relevant. This is called anomaly detection, where the machine learning models normal, then detects abnormal. This is why we say the more data, the better, because the more the machine can learn about your normal data flow, the easier an anomaly can be detected. This scanning is now more real time, where analysis can be done during the collection process to allow for sooner detection of anomalies and even provide a solution. The AI can also be built to make the change autonomously. Lyft uses AI is many capacities. Some include customer service perspectives with providing solutions to technical problems or with low rating in what Lyft prides themselves, in 30 seconds or less. Lyfts AI analysis includes, looking at things like length of ETA, arrival time, travel information, what people are opening the app, who has a crashing app, how many drivers they have in an area, and how all this data is related. AI also optimizes trip routes, so that any egregious deviations can be recognized. Lyft breaks down their anomaly detection with AI in real time like so. By the second: matching passengers and driver, providing routes, By the minute: Pricing adjustments, like coupon codes, driver incentives By the hour: Market levers, finding new clients, new drivers, how to expand geographically By the day/week: budgeting adjustments of marketing, incentives, and geographic expansion   As stated above, every business in every industry has an opportunity for growth with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. The purpose of this article is give you some insight into some of the ways you can incorporate machine learning into your business process. The more current and pressing suggestion from Nikos Computer Engineering is that you start incorporating processes that are collecting your data for when the time comes for you to use AI as a detection and adjustment processes, you have enough data and learning in place that anomalies can easily be detected in real time. Here at Nikos we say collecting a years’ worth of data puts you in a good place to start using AI.  Start collecting data now! Contact us at   Tim Clark is the founder of Nikos Computer Engineering and is a Certified Amazon Web Services Developer and Solutions Architect. Nikos utilizes AWS to develop software solutions for small businesses using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding. To learn more and to get started visit .Also like and follow us on social media: Nikos Computer Engineering Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: YouTube:  
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