Learning how to go viral on social media is more important to people than ever. And it isn’t because we want to be popular. 

Our online presence is important to us in both our business and personal lives. The fact that this isn’t going to change anytime soon is clear. 

I have built a virtual following of more than eight million people, which has had a direct impact on my revenue.

When seeking social media domination, this is what you need to master. 

Know the platforms and their personalities

The first thing you need to know if you want to go viral on social media is that each of these platforms caters to a different audience. 

This part is a lot like starting a new relationship. You test the waters and see what people respond to. The content you create and how you deliver your message has to be different for each one. Your content just won’t hit if it’s not curated properly. 

If you don’t understand the platform, it means you’ll never go viral on it.

People are completely different on their TikToks than on their LinkedIn profiles. Keep that in mind. 

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Be everywhere to go viral on social media

Equally important is that going viral can’t happen with just being on one social platform. You have to do them all. I didn’t grow my following because I was only on the platform I liked best. 

My rule for anything you want to be successful in is:

Never rely on one action to accomplish anything of significance.

Whatever video or post took the internet by storm, there are hundreds of others from that same person with two likes and no comments. Being everywhere increases your chances of going viral. 

At the end of the day, learning how to go viral on social media is not easy or up to luck. You have to research your audience for each of these social sites. Then you have to post on all of them — a lot. 

It can happen for you, but it takes commitment

Now, to take your marketing skills to the next level and beyond, sign up for the 10X Workshop.

Be great (and everywhere),

Grant Cardone  


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