Salespeople have one of two reactions when the deal gets tough. They either get intimidated, then lose the deal. Or, they persist and insist until they close the customer. To make it in sales, you MUST take the second road. This is how to get through the hard sell… 

So, what is the “hard sell” exactly? 

This term is misleading since it doesn’t occur in the selling part of the sales cycle. In reality, the hard sell is when the client gets emotional and backs off while you’re in the close. 

Sales greats have mastered — and even look forward to — this scenario because they know it leads to the juiciest deals. 

With that in mind, let’s get you prepared to make money by shutting down the hard sell… 

Make the Hard Sell to Yourself FIRST

First and foremost, you have to be sold on your own product. The why is simple… 


That means you must be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s a disservice to the prospects not to buy. 

This belief is the wherewithal that you need as you go through the other pieces of the hard sell. 

All the buyer’s protests and reservations will disappear in the face of your confidence. But, you still need to confront their antagonistic reactions… 

Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable 

Sometimes, people act strangely when it comes to parting with their hard-earned cash. This comes from the scarcity mindset many of us learn about money early on. 

For that reason, I encourage you to practice handling heated prospects in your sales roleplay sessions. 

These face-offs never feel good no matter how seasoned a sales professional you are. However, the results are worth it… 

Get used to being uncomfortable. Then, the hard sell won’t feel so hard. That being said, you need to still get the buyer’s pen to paper while staying calm. 

Never Stop Asking for the Close

There is a fact about sales I cannot stress enough… 


Not only that, it takes asking more than one time to make it happen nine times out of ten. As a result, the best closers are persistent. 

The critical aspects of the hard sell are asking for the close more than once, in different ways. Then, you need to know how and when to apply pressure to the prospects. 

Being sold on your own product and service is half of that battle. Nonetheless, there is one more piece that will make you a lethal closer… 

Key to Mastering the Hard Sell 

As I mentioned earlier, getting through the hard sell requires you to ask multiple times, in multiple ways. 


In fact, you need thousands of different word tracks to make it as a sales professional. But, you don’t have to figure them all out through trial and error like I did. 

I put all the closing material I learned over my 30 years in sales into my Cardone University program. That way, you can hit the ground running in your sales career. 

Schedule a call with my team for more information here. 

Ultimately, the hard sell is where the most money is. Use these tools and you’ll be well on your way to being a top performer. 

Be Great, 

Grant Cardone  

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